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Source code changes of the file "mod_http2/h2_workers.h" between
mod_http2-1.15.22.tar.gz and mod_http2-1.15.23.tar.gz

About: mod_h[ttp]2 contains mod_h[ttp]2 and mod_proxy_h[ttp]2 from Apache httpd as a standalone build and serves as early access to features and fixes before being shipped in the next Apache release. It uses nghttp2 as base engine and connects it with the Apache infrastructure.

h2_workers.h  (mod_http2-1.15.22):h2_workers.h  (mod_http2-1.15.23)
skipping to change at line 41 skipping to change at line 41
struct h2_slot; struct h2_slot;
typedef struct h2_workers h2_workers; typedef struct h2_workers h2_workers;
struct h2_workers { struct h2_workers {
server_rec *s; server_rec *s;
apr_pool_t *pool; apr_pool_t *pool;
int next_worker_id; int next_worker_id;
apr_uint32_t min_workers;
apr_uint32_t max_workers; apr_uint32_t max_workers;
apr_interval_time_t max_idle_duration; volatile apr_uint32_t min_workers; /* is changed during graceful shutdown */
volatile apr_interval_time_t max_idle_duration; /* is changed during gracefu
l shutdown */
volatile int aborted; volatile int aborted;
volatile int shutdown; volatile int shutdown;
int dynamic; int dynamic;
apr_threadattr_t *thread_attr; apr_threadattr_t *thread_attr;
int nslots; int nslots;
struct h2_slot *slots; struct h2_slot *slots;
volatile apr_uint32_t worker_count; volatile apr_uint32_t worker_count;
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
2 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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