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Source code changes of the file "mod_http2/h2_headers.h" between
mod_http2-1.15.14.tar.gz and mod_http2-1.15.16.tar.gz

About: mod_h[ttp]2 is an Apache httpd module implementing the HTTP2 protocol. It uses nghttp2 as base engine and connects it with the Apache infrastructure. Hint: Module (previous name "mod_h2") now integrated into Apache httpd (since v2.4.17). Experimental release.

h2_headers.h  (mod_http2-1.15.14):h2_headers.h  (mod_http2-1.15.16)
skipping to change at line 84 skipping to change at line 84
* Create the headers for the given error. * Create the headers for the given error.
* @param type the error code * @param type the error code
* @param req the original h2_request * @param req the original h2_request
* @param pool the memory pool to use * @param pool the memory pool to use
*/ */
h2_headers *h2_headers_die(apr_status_t type, h2_headers *h2_headers_die(apr_status_t type,
const struct h2_request *req, apr_pool_t *pool); const struct h2_request *req, apr_pool_t *pool);
int h2_headers_are_response(h2_headers *headers); int h2_headers_are_response(h2_headers *headers);
* Give the number of bytes of all contained header strings.
apr_size_t h2_headers_length(h2_headers *headers);
#endif /* defined(__mod_h2__h2_headers__) */ #endif /* defined(__mod_h2__h2_headers__) */
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 5 lines changed or added

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