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Source code changes of the file "extensions/CategoryTree/i18n/pag.json" between
mediawiki-1.31.1.tar.gz and mediawiki-1.32.0.tar.gz

About: MediaWiki is a wiki engine (the collaborative editing software that runs for e.g. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

pag.json  (mediawiki-1.31.1):pag.json  (mediawiki-1.32.0)
{ {
"@metadata": [], "@metadata": {
"authors": [
"categorytree-mode-pages": "Saray bolobolong ya aga kaibay picture", "categorytree-mode-pages": "Saray bolobolong ya aga kaibay picture",
"categorytree-mode-all": "Amin ya bolobolong", "categorytree-mode-all": "Amin ya bolobolong",
"categorytree-collapse": "isara", "categorytree-collapse": "isara",
"categorytree-expand": "lukasan", "categorytree-expand": "lukasan",
"categorytree-num-categories": "$1 K",
"categorytree-num-pages": "$1 B",
"categorytree-load": "I-lugan", "categorytree-load": "I-lugan",
"categorytree-loading": "ilulugan…",
"categorytree-nothing-found": "anggapoy naanap", "categorytree-nothing-found": "anggapoy naanap",
"categorytree-no-pages": "Anggapoy bolong odino subcategory" "categorytree-no-pages": "Anggapoy bolong odino subcategory"
} }
 End of changes. 3 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 8 lines changed or added

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