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Source code changes of the file "regress/eqn/unary/sqrt.out_html" between
mdocml-1.14.1rc1.tar.gz and mdocml-1.14.1rc2.tar.gz

About: mdocml is a suite of tools compiling "-mdoc", the roff macro package of choice for BSD manual pages, and "-man", the predominant historical package for UNIX manuals. Hint: The installed binary name is "mandoc". Release candidate.

sqrt.out_html  (mdocml-1.14.1rc1):sqrt.out_html  (mdocml-1.14.1rc2)
<mrow><mi>r</mi><mi>=</mi><msqrt><mrow><msup><mi>x</mi><mi>2</mi></msup><mi>+</m i><msup><mi>y</mi><mi>2</mi></msup></mrow></msqrt></mrow> <mrow><mi>r</mi><mi>=</mi><msqrt><mrow><msup><mi>x</mi><mi>2</mi></msup><mi>+</m i><msup><mi>y</mi><mi>2</mi></msup></mrow></msqrt><mi>+</mi><msqrt><mrow></mrow> </msqrt><mi>+</mi><msqrt></msqrt></mrow>
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