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Source code changes of the file "misc/mdcheck" between
mdadm-4.1.tar.gz and mdadm-4.2.tar.gz

About: mdadm is a tool for creating, managing and monitoring device arrays using the "md" driver in Linux, also known as Software RAID arrays.

mdcheck  (mdadm-4.1):mdcheck  (mdadm-4.2)
skipping to change at line 127 skipping to change at line 127
exit 0 exit 0
fi fi
while [ `date +%s` -lt $endtime ] while [ `date +%s` -lt $endtime ]
do do
any= any=
for i in `eval echo {1..$cnt}` for i in `eval echo {1..$cnt}`
do do
eval fl=\$MD_${i}_fl eval fl=\$MD_${i}_fl
eval sys=\$MD_${i}_sys eval sys=\$MD_${i}_sys
eval dev=\$MD_${i}_dev
if [ -z "$fl" ]; then continue; fi if [ -z "$fl" ]; then continue; fi
if [ "`cat $sys/md/sync_action`" != 'check' ] if [ "`cat $sys/md/sync_action`" != 'check' ]
then then
logger -p daemon.info mdcheck finished checking $dev
eval MD_${i}_fl= eval MD_${i}_fl=
rm -f $fl rm -f $fl
continue; continue;
fi fi
read a rest < $sys/md/sync_completed read a rest < $sys/md/sync_completed
echo $a > $fl echo $a > $fl
any=yes any=yes
done done
if [ -z "$any" ]; then exit 0; fi if [ -z "$any" ]; then exit 0; fi
sleep 120 sleep 120
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