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Source code changes of the file "ui_modules/mathmod.h" between
mathmod-11.0-source.zip and mathmod-11.1-source.zip

About: MathMod is a mathematical modeling software that visualize and animate implicit and parametric surfaces.

mathmod.h  (mathmod-11.0-source):mathmod.h  (mathmod-11.1-source)
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float mouseY=0; float mouseY=0;
float cameraDistance=1.4f; float cameraDistance=1.4f;
bool vboSupported, vboUsed; bool vboSupported, vboUsed;
QMatrix4x4 matrixProjectionx; QMatrix4x4 matrixProjectionx;
GLuint shaderprogramId = 0; GLuint shaderprogramId = 0;
bool glslSupported; bool glslSupported;
GLint uniformFrontColor; GLint uniformFrontColor;
GLint uniformBackColor; GLint uniformBackColor;
GLint uniformGridColor; GLint uniformGridColor;
GLint uniformThereisRGBA; GLint uniformThereisRGBA;
GLfloat uniformShininess; GLint uniformHSVactive;
GLint uniformShininess;
GLint uniformglFrontFacing_1;
GLint uniformglFrontFacing_2;
GLint uniformdrawgridColor; GLint uniformdrawgridColor;
GLint uniformMatrixModelView; GLint uniformMatrixModelView;
GLint uniformMatrixModelViewProjection; GLint uniformMatrixModelViewProjection;
GLint uniformMatrixNormal; GLint uniformMatrixNormal;
GLint uniformLightPosition; GLint uniformLightPosition;
GLint uniformLightAmbient; GLint uniformLightAmbient;
GLint uniformLightDiffuse; GLint uniformLightDiffuse;
GLint uniformLightSpecular; GLint uniformLightSpecular;
GLint attribVertexPosition; GLint attribVertexPosition;
GLint attribVertexNormal; GLint attribVertexNormal;
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void slot_triangles_clicked(); void slot_triangles_clicked();
int ParseIso(); int ParseIso();
int ParsePar(); int ParsePar();
void ShowErrormessage(); void ShowErrormessage();
void frames_clicked(); void frames_clicked();
void CreateShaderProgram(); void CreateShaderProgram();
void draw(ObjectProperties *); void draw(ObjectProperties *);
void plan(); void plan();
void CopyData(ObjectProperties *); void CopyData(ObjectProperties *);
void DrawMinimalTopology(ObjectProperties *); void DrawMinimalTopology(ObjectProperties *);
void DrawMeshIso(ObjectProperties *); void DrawTrianglMesh(ObjectProperties *);
void DrawParisoCND(ObjectProperties *, uint); void DrawParisoCND(ObjectProperties *, uint);
void DrawNormals(ObjectProperties *); void DrawNormals(ObjectProperties *);
void DrawAxe(); void DrawAxe();
void proj(); void proj();
void DrawPariso(ObjectProperties *, uint); void DrawPariso(ObjectProperties *, uint);
void drawCube(); void drawCube();
void initializeGL() override; void initializeGL() override;
void Winitialize_GL(); void Winitialize_GL();
void resizeGL(int, int) override; void resizeGL(int, int) override;
void paintGL() override; void paintGL() override;
skipping to change at line 305 skipping to change at line 308
void blueSpec(int); void blueSpec(int);
void transSpec(int); void transSpec(int);
void redAmb(int); void redAmb(int);
void greenAmb(int); void greenAmb(int);
void blueAmb(int); void blueAmb(int);
void transAmb(int); void transAmb(int);
void redDiff(int); void redDiff(int);
void greenDiff(int); void greenDiff(int);
void blueDiff(int); void blueDiff(int);
void transDiff(int); void transDiff(int);
void glfrontfacesupp(int);
void quality(int); void quality(int);
void bmp(); void bmp();
void jpg(); void jpg();
void png(); void png();
void colorstype(int); void colorstype(int);
void colorstypeParIso(int); void colorstypeParIso(int);
void colorstypeParam(int); void colorstypeParam(int);
void SaveSceneAsObjPoly(int n = 0); void SaveSceneAsObjPoly(int n = 0);
void SaveSceneAsObjTrian(int n = 0); void SaveSceneAsObjTrian(int n = 0);
void CalculateTexturePoints(int type); void CalculateTexturePoints(int type);
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2 lines changed or deleted 6 lines changed or added

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