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Source code changes of the file "src/dev-app/expansion/expansion-demo-module.ts" between
material2-7.3.5.tar.gz and material2-7.3.6.tar.gz

About: material2 offers Material Design components for Angular.

expansion-demo-module.ts  (material2-7.3.5):expansion-demo-module.ts  (material2-7.3.6)
skipping to change at line 22 skipping to change at line 22
import {FormsModule} from '@angular/forms'; import {FormsModule} from '@angular/forms';
import { import {
MatButtonModule, MatButtonModule,
MatCheckboxModule, MatCheckboxModule,
MatExpansionModule, MatExpansionModule,
MatFormFieldModule, MatFormFieldModule,
MatInputModule, MatInputModule,
MatRadioModule, MatRadioModule,
MatSlideToggleModule MatSlideToggleModule
} from '@angular/material'; } from '@angular/material';
import {RouterModule} from '@angular/router';
import {ExpansionDemo} from './expansion-demo'; import {ExpansionDemo} from './expansion-demo';
@NgModule({ @NgModule({
imports: [ imports: [
CdkAccordionModule, CommonModule, FormsModule, MatButtonModule, MatCheckboxM CdkAccordionModule,
odule, CommonModule,
MatExpansionModule, MatFormFieldModule, MatInputModule, MatRadioModule, MatS FormsModule,
lideToggleModule MatButtonModule,
RouterModule.forChild([{path: '', component: ExpansionDemo}]),
], ],
declarations: [ExpansionDemo], declarations: [ExpansionDemo],
}) })
export class ExpansionDemoModule { export class ExpansionDemoModule {
} }
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4 lines changed or deleted 12 lines changed or added

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