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Source code changes of the file "src/universal-app/kitchen-sink/kitchen-sink.ts" between
material2-7.3.3.tar.gz and material2-7.3.4.tar.gz

About: material2 offers Material Design components for Angular.

kitchen-sink.ts  (material2-7.3.3):kitchen-sink.ts  (material2-7.3.4)
import {ViewportRuler} from '@angular/cdk/scrolling'; import {ViewportRuler, ScrollingModule} from '@angular/cdk/scrolling';
import { import {
CdkTableModule, CdkTableModule,
DataSource DataSource
} from '@angular/cdk/table'; } from '@angular/cdk/table';
import {Component, ElementRef, NgModule} from '@angular/core'; import {Component, ElementRef, NgModule} from '@angular/core';
import { import {
MatAutocompleteModule, MatAutocompleteModule,
MatBadgeModule, MatBadgeModule,
MatBottomSheetModule, MatBottomSheetModule,
MatButtonModule, MatButtonModule,
skipping to change at line 78 skipping to change at line 78
templateUrl: './kitchen-sink.html', templateUrl: './kitchen-sink.html',
}) })
export class KitchenSink { export class KitchenSink {
/** List of columns for the CDK and Material table. */ /** List of columns for the CDK and Material table. */
tableColumns = ['userId']; tableColumns = ['userId'];
/** Data source for the CDK and Material table. */ /** Data source for the CDK and Material table. */
tableDataSource = new TableDataSource(); tableDataSource = new TableDataSource();
/** Data used to render a virtual scrolling list. */
virtualScrollData = Array(10000).fill(50);
constructor( constructor(
snackBar: MatSnackBar, snackBar: MatSnackBar,
dialog: MatDialog, dialog: MatDialog,
viewportRuler: ViewportRuler, viewportRuler: ViewportRuler,
focusMonitor: FocusMonitor, focusMonitor: FocusMonitor,
elementRef: ElementRef<HTMLElement>, elementRef: ElementRef<HTMLElement>,
bottomSheet: MatBottomSheet) { bottomSheet: MatBottomSheet) {
focusMonitor.focusVia(elementRef, 'program'); focusMonitor.focusVia(elementRef, 'program');
snackBar.open('Hello there'); snackBar.open('Hello there');
dialog.open(TestEntryComponent); dialog.open(TestEntryComponent);
skipping to change at line 135 skipping to change at line 138
MatSliderModule, MatSliderModule,
MatSlideToggleModule, MatSlideToggleModule,
MatSnackBarModule, MatSnackBarModule,
MatTabsModule, MatTabsModule,
MatToolbarModule, MatToolbarModule,
MatTooltipModule, MatTooltipModule,
MatExpansionModule, MatExpansionModule,
MatSortModule, MatSortModule,
MatTableModule, MatTableModule,
MatStepperModule, MatStepperModule,
// CDK Modules // CDK Modules
CdkTableModule, CdkTableModule,
DragDropModule, DragDropModule,
], ],
bootstrap: [KitchenSink], bootstrap: [KitchenSink],
declarations: [KitchenSink, TestEntryComponent], declarations: [KitchenSink, TestEntryComponent],
entryComponents: [TestEntryComponent], entryComponents: [TestEntryComponent],
}) })
export class KitchenSinkClientModule { } export class KitchenSinkClientModule { }
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