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Source code changes of the file ".github/CODEOWNERS" between
material2-7.3.3.tar.gz and material2-7.3.4.tar.gz

About: material2 offers Material Design components for Angular.

CODEOWNERS  (material2-7.3.3):CODEOWNERS  (material2-7.3.4)
skipping to change at line 260 skipping to change at line 260
/tools/public_api_guard/lib/table.d.ts @andrewseguin /tools/public_api_guard/lib/table.d.ts @andrewseguin
/tools/public_api_guard/lib/tabs.d.ts @andrewseguin /tools/public_api_guard/lib/tabs.d.ts @andrewseguin
/tools/public_api_guard/lib/toolbar.d.ts @devversion /tools/public_api_guard/lib/toolbar.d.ts @devversion
/tools/public_api_guard/lib/tooltip.d.ts @andrewseguin /tools/public_api_guard/lib/tooltip.d.ts @andrewseguin
/tools/public_api_guard/lib/tree.d.ts @jelbourn @andrewseguin /tools/public_api_guard/lib/tree.d.ts @jelbourn @andrewseguin
/tools/public_api_guard/lib/lib.d.ts @jelbourn /tools/public_api_guard/lib/lib.d.ts @jelbourn
# Misc # Misc
/* @jelbourn /* @jelbourn
/.github/** @jelbourn /.github/** @jelbourn
/.vscode/** @mmalerba
/src/* @jelbourn /src/* @jelbourn
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0 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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