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Source code changes of the file "docs/src/modules/components/AppFrame.js" between
material-ui-4.12.1.tar.gz and material-ui-4.12.2.tar.gz

About: Material-UI is a simple and customizable component library to build faster, beautiful, and more accessible React applications.

AppFrame.js  (material-ui-4.12.1):AppFrame.js  (material-ui-4.12.2)
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<div className={classes.root}> <div className={classes.root}>
<NProgressBar /> <NProgressBar />
<CssBaseline /> <CssBaseline />
<MuiLink color="secondary" className={classes.skipNav} href="#main-content "> <MuiLink color="secondary" className={classes.skipNav} href="#main-content ">
{t('skipToContent')} {t('skipToContent')}
</MuiLink> </MuiLink>
<MarkdownLinks /> <MarkdownLinks />
<AppBar className={appBarClassName}> <AppBar className={appBarClassName}>
<Typography variant="body2" className={classes.banner} noWrap> <Typography variant="body2" className={classes.banner} noWrap>
{t('v5IsOut')}{' '} {t('v5IsOut')}{' '}
<Link color="inherit" className={classes.bannerLink} href="http://next .material-ui.com"> <Link color="inherit" className={classes.bannerLink} href="https://nex t.material-ui.com">
{t('v5docsLink')} {t('v5docsLink')}
</Link>{' '} </Link>{' '}
{t('v5startAdoption')} {t('v5startAdoption')}
</Typography> </Typography>
<Toolbar> <Toolbar>
<IconButton <IconButton
edge="start" edge="start"
color="inherit" color="inherit"
aria-label={t('openDrawer')} aria-label={t('openDrawer')}
onClick={handleDrawerOpen} onClick={handleDrawerOpen}
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