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Source code changes of the file "manila/share/drivers/netapp/dataontap/protocols/cifs_cmode.py" between
manila-8.1.3.tar.gz and manila-8.1.4.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Manila provides “Shared Filesystems as a service”.
The "Stein" series (maintained release).

cifs_cmode.py  (manila-8.1.3):cifs_cmode.py  (manila-8.1.4)
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@staticmethod @staticmethod
def _get_export_location(share): def _get_export_location(share):
"""Returns host ip and share name for a given CIFS share.""" """Returns host ip and share name for a given CIFS share."""
export_location = share['export_location'] or '\\\\\\' export_location = share['export_location'] or '\\\\\\'
regex = r'^(?:\\\\|//)(?P<host_ip>.*)(?:\\|/)(?P<share_name>.*)$' regex = r'^(?:\\\\|//)(?P<host_ip>.*)(?:\\|/)(?P<share_name>.*)$'
match = re.match(regex, export_location) match = re.match(regex, export_location)
if match: if match:
return match.group('host_ip'), match.group('share_name') return match.group('host_ip'), match.group('share_name')
else: else:
return '', '' return '', ''
def cleanup_demoted_replica(self, share, share_name):
"""Cleans up some things regarding a demoted replica."""
# NOTE(carloss): This is necessary due to bug 1879368. If we do not
# remove this CIFS share, in case the demoted replica is promoted
# back, the promotion will fail due to a duplicated entry for the
# share, since a create share request is sent to the backend every
# time a promotion occurs.
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