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Source code changes of the file "AUTHORS" between
manila-11.0.0.tar.gz and manila-11.0.1.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Manila provides “Shared Filesystems as a service”.
The "Victoria" series (latest release).

AUTHORS  (manila-11.0.0):AUTHORS  (manila-11.0.1)
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jinxingfang <jinxing.f@gmail.com> jinxingfang <jinxing.f@gmail.com>
junboli <junbo85.li@gmail.com> junboli <junbo85.li@gmail.com>
kavithahr <kavitha.r@nectechnologies.in> kavithahr <kavitha.r@nectechnologies.in>
kedy <zhao.kaiA@h3c.com> kedy <zhao.kaiA@h3c.com>
kutner <kutner@netapp.com> kutner <kutner@netapp.com>
leiyashuai <leiyashuai@inspur.com> leiyashuai <leiyashuai@inspur.com>
li,chen <chen.li@intel.com> li,chen <chen.li@intel.com>
lijunbo <lijunbo@fiberhome.com> lijunbo <lijunbo@fiberhome.com>
lijunjie <lijunjie@cloudin.cn> lijunjie <lijunjie@cloudin.cn>
linpeiwen <linpeiwen@troila.com> linpeiwen <linpeiwen@troila.com>
linpeiwen <root@tox-py36.novalocal>
liucheng <liucheng20@huawei.com> liucheng <liucheng20@huawei.com>
liujiong <liujiong@gohighsec.com> liujiong <liujiong@gohighsec.com>
liuke2 <liuke2@huawei.com> liuke2 <liuke2@huawei.com>
liumengwen <jelan1022@163.com> liumengwen <jelan1022@163.com>
liushi <liu.shi@navercorp.com> liushi <liu.shi@navercorp.com>
liushuobj <liushuobj@inspur.com> liushuobj <liushuobj@inspur.com>
liuyamin <liuyamin@fiberhome.com> liuyamin <liuyamin@fiberhome.com>
liyanhang <liyh@gohighsec.com> liyanhang <liyh@gohighsec.com>
luqitao <qtlu@fiberhome.com> luqitao <qtlu@fiberhome.com>
maaritamm <tamm.maari@gmail.com> maaritamm <tamm.maari@gmail.com>
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