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Source code changes report for "LZO" between the packages
lzop-1.03.tar.gz and lzo-2.08.tar.gz

About: LZO is a portable lossless data compression library written in ANSI C.


The "LZO" source code changed by about 86.0% and now consists of 402 files.

Changes In Files (According File Type):

File TypeTotalAddedRemovedChanged
Header file 50 44 6 0
C program 105 87 18 0
Assembler program 27 27 0 0
Perl program 4 4 0 0
Shell program 20 4 0 16
Automake file 7 0 4 3
CMake file 1 1 0 0
M4 macro file 2 1 0 1
Makefile 2 2 0 0
Man page 2 0 2 0
Module-Definition file 5 5 0 0
Command file 10 0 10 0
Compiled object 30 30 0 0
Configure script 1 0 0 1
DOS Batch file 53 5 18 30
HTML page 1 0 1 0
Options file 1 0 0 1
POD document 1 0 1 0
PostScript file 1 0 1 0
TeX document 1 0 1 0
Directory 34 22 3 0
Change log 2 0 0 1
Information file 8 5 0 3
License 1 0 0 1
Readme file 2 1 0 1
Text file 31 25 3 3
Total Files4022636861

Header Files (all 50):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
asm/i386/src/lzo_asm.h added
examples/portab.h added
examples/portab_a.h added
include/lzo/lzo1.h added
include/lzo/lzo1a.h added
include/lzo/lzo1b.h added
include/lzo/lzo1c.h added
include/lzo/lzo1f.h added
include/lzo/lzo1x.h added
include/lzo/lzo1y.h added
include/lzo/lzo1z.h added
include/lzo/lzo2a.h added
include/lzo/lzo_asm.h added
include/lzo/lzoconf.h added
include/lzo/lzodefs.h added
include/lzo/lzoutil.h added
lzotest/asm.h added
lzotest/db.h added
lzotest/wrap.h added
lzotest/wrapmisc.h added
minilzo/minilzo.h added
src/compr1b.h added
src/compr1c.h added
src/conf.h removed
src/config1.h added
src/config1a.h added
src/config1b.h added
src/config1c.h added
src/config1f.h added
src/config1x.h added
src/config1y.h added
src/config1z.h added
src/config2a.h added
src/console.h removed
src/frames.h removed
src/lzo1a_de.h added
src/lzo1b_cc.h added
src/lzo1b_de.h added
src/lzo1c_cc.h added
src/lzo_conf.h added
src/lzo_dict.h added
src/lzo_func.h added
src/lzo_ptr.h added
src/lzo_supp.h added
src/miniacc.h removed
src/screen.h removed
src/stats1a.h added
src/stats1b.h added
src/stats1c.h added
src/version.h removed

C Programs (all 105):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
examples/dict.c added
examples/lzopack.c added
examples/overlap.c added
examples/precomp.c added
examples/precomp2.c added
examples/simple.c added
lzotest/lzotest.c added
minilzo/minilzo.c added
minilzo/testmini.c added
src/c_ansic.c removed
src/c_ansim.c removed
src/c_init.c removed
src/c_none.c removed
src/c_screen.c removed
src/compress.c removed
src/djgpp2.c removed
src/filter.c removed
src/frames.c removed
src/help.c removed
src/lzo1.c added
src/lzo1_99.c added
src/lzo1_cm.ch added
src/lzo1a.c added
src/lzo1a_99.c added
src/lzo1b_1.c added
src/lzo1b_2.c added
src/lzo1b_3.c added
src/lzo1b_4.c added
src/lzo1b_5.c added
src/lzo1b_6.c added
src/lzo1b_7.c added
src/lzo1b_8.c added
src/lzo1b_9.c added
src/lzo1b_99.c added
src/lzo1b_9x.c added
src/lzo1b_c.ch added
src/lzo1b_cc.c added
src/lzo1b_d.ch added
src/lzo1b_d1.c added
src/lzo1b_d2.c added
src/lzo1b_rr.c added
src/lzo1b_xx.c added
src/lzo1c_1.c added
src/lzo1c_2.c added
src/lzo1c_3.c added
src/lzo1c_4.c added
src/lzo1c_5.c added
src/lzo1c_6.c added
src/lzo1c_7.c added
src/lzo1c_8.c added
src/lzo1c_9.c added
src/lzo1c_99.c added
src/lzo1c_9x.c added
src/lzo1c_cc.c added
src/lzo1c_d1.c added
src/lzo1c_d2.c added
src/lzo1c_rr.c added
src/lzo1c_xx.c added
src/lzo1f_1.c added
src/lzo1f_9x.c added
src/lzo1f_d.ch added
src/lzo1f_d1.c added
src/lzo1f_d2.c added
src/lzo1x_1.c added
src/lzo1x_1k.c added
src/lzo1x_1l.c added
src/lzo1x_1o.c added
src/lzo1x_9x.c added
src/lzo1x_d.ch added
src/lzo1x_d1.c added
src/lzo1x_d2.c added
src/lzo1x_d3.c added
src/lzo1x_o.c added
src/lzo1y_1.c added
src/lzo1y_9x.c added
src/lzo1y_d1.c added
src/lzo1y_d2.c added
src/lzo1y_d3.c added
src/lzo1y_o.c added
src/lzo1z_9x.c added
src/lzo1z_d1.c added
src/lzo1z_d2.c added
src/lzo1z_d3.c added
src/lzo2a_9x.c added
src/lzo2a_d.ch added
src/lzo2a_d1.c added
src/lzo2a_d2.c added
src/lzo_crc.c added
src/lzo_init.c added
src/lzo_mchw.ch added
src/lzo_ptr.c added
src/lzo_str.c added
src/lzo_util.c added
src/lzop.c removed
src/mblock.c removed
src/p_lzo.c removed
src/s_curses.c removed
src/s_djgpp2.c removed
src/s_object.c removed
src/s_vcsa.c removed
src/util.c removed
tests/align.c added
tests/chksum.c added
tests/promote.c added
tests/sizes.c added

Assembler Programs (all 27):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
asm/i386/src/lzo1c_s1.S added
asm/i386/src/lzo1f_f1.S added
asm/i386/src/lzo1x_f1.S added
asm/i386/src/lzo1x_s1.S added
asm/i386/src/lzo1y_f1.S added
asm/i386/src/lzo1y_s1.S added
asm/i386/src_gas/all/asm_all.S added
asm/i386/src_gas/lzo1c_s1.S added
asm/i386/src_gas/lzo1f_f1.S added
asm/i386/src_gas/lzo1x_f1.S added
asm/i386/src_gas/lzo1x_s1.S added
asm/i386/src_gas/lzo1y_f1.S added
asm/i386/src_gas/lzo1y_s1.S added
asm/i386/src_masm/all/asm_all.asm added
asm/i386/src_masm/lzo1c_s1.asm added
asm/i386/src_masm/lzo1f_f1.asm added
asm/i386/src_masm/lzo1x_f1.asm added
asm/i386/src_masm/lzo1x_s1.asm added
asm/i386/src_masm/lzo1y_f1.asm added
asm/i386/src_masm/lzo1y_s1.asm added
asm/i386/src_nasm/all/asm_all.asm added
asm/i386/src_nasm/lzo1c_s1.asm added
asm/i386/src_nasm/lzo1f_f1.asm added
asm/i386/src_nasm/lzo1x_f1.asm added
asm/i386/src_nasm/lzo1x_s1.asm added
asm/i386/src_nasm/lzo1y_f1.asm added
asm/i386/src_nasm/lzo1y_s1.asm added

Perl Programs (all 4):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
util/notime.pl added
util/shortf.pl added
util/table.pl added
util/uncompr.pl added

Shell Programs (all 20):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
autoconf/compile changed 29.3% diff
autoconf/config.guess changed 23.6% diff
autoconf/config.rpath changed 9.4% diff
autoconf/config.sub changed 12.7% diff
autoconf/depcomp changed 53.9% diff
autoconf/install-sh changed 46.4% diff
autoconf/ltmain.sh changed 61.3% diff
autoconf/mdate-sh changed 8.0% diff
autoconf/missing changed 88.7% diff
autoconf/mkinstalldirs changed 3.7% diff
autoconf/py-compile changed 29.1% diff
autoconf/shtool changed 0.1% diff
autoconf/ylwrap changed 57.2% diff
B/generic/build.sh changed 100.0% diff
B/generic/build_freestanding.sh added
B/generic/build_gcc.sh changed 18.2% diff
B/generic/clean.sh changed 100.0% diff
util/check.sh added
util/checkasm.sh added
util/overlap.sh added

Automake Files (all 7):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
configure.ac changed 61.9% diff
doc/Makefile.am removed
doc/Makefile.in removed
Makefile.am changed 100.0% diff
Makefile.in changed 100.0% diff
src/Makefile.am removed
src/Makefile.in removed

CMake Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
CMakeLists.txt added

M4 Macro Files (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
aclocal.m4 changed 100.0% diff
autoconf/local.m4 added

Makefiles (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
B/generic/Makefile added
minilzo/Makefile.minilzo added

Man Pages (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/lzop.1 removed
doc/lzop.man removed

Module-Definition Files (all 5):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
asm/i386/src_gas/asminit.def added
asm/i386/src_masm/asminit.def added
asm/i386/src_nasm/asminit.def added
B/win32/vc_dll.def added
B/win64/vc_dll.def added

Command Files (all 10):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
B/clean.cmd removed
B/done.cmd removed
B/os2/bc.cmd removed
B/os2/emx.cmd removed
B/os2/va.cmd removed
B/os2/wc.cmd removed
B/os2_16/sc.cmd removed
B/os2_16/wc.cmd removed
B/prepare.cmd removed
B/unset.cmd removed

Compiled Objects (all 30):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
asm/i386/obj/coff32/lzo1c_s1.o added
asm/i386/obj/coff32/lzo1f_f1.o added
asm/i386/obj/coff32/lzo1x_f1.o added
asm/i386/obj/coff32/lzo1x_s1.o added
asm/i386/obj/coff32/lzo1y_f1.o added
asm/i386/obj/coff32/lzo1y_s1.o added
asm/i386/obj/elf32/lzo1c_s1.o added
asm/i386/obj/elf32/lzo1f_f1.o added
asm/i386/obj/elf32/lzo1x_f1.o added
asm/i386/obj/elf32/lzo1x_s1.o added
asm/i386/obj/elf32/lzo1y_f1.o added
asm/i386/obj/elf32/lzo1y_s1.o added
asm/i386/obj/macho32/lzo1c_s1.o added
asm/i386/obj/macho32/lzo1f_f1.o added
asm/i386/obj/macho32/lzo1x_f1.o added
asm/i386/obj/macho32/lzo1x_s1.o added
asm/i386/obj/macho32/lzo1y_f1.o added
asm/i386/obj/macho32/lzo1y_s1.o added
asm/i386/obj/omf32/lzo1c_s1.obj added
asm/i386/obj/omf32/lzo1f_f1.obj added
asm/i386/obj/omf32/lzo1x_f1.obj added
asm/i386/obj/omf32/lzo1x_s1.obj added
asm/i386/obj/omf32/lzo1y_f1.obj added
asm/i386/obj/omf32/lzo1y_s1.obj added
asm/i386/obj/win32/lzo1c_s1.obj added
asm/i386/obj/win32/lzo1f_f1.obj added
asm/i386/obj/win32/lzo1x_f1.obj added
asm/i386/obj/win32/lzo1x_s1.obj added
asm/i386/obj/win32/lzo1y_f1.obj added
asm/i386/obj/win32/lzo1y_s1.obj added

Configure Scripts (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
configure changed 100.0% diff

DOS Batch Files (all 53):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
B/clean.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/done.bat changed 85.5% diff
B/dos16/bc.bat removed
B/dos16/bc_286.bat removed
B/dos16/bc_pp.bat removed
B/dos16/dm.bat removed
B/dos16/mc.bat removed
B/dos16/sc.bat removed
B/dos16/tc.bat removed
B/dos16/vc.bat removed
B/dos16/wc.bat removed
B/dos32/bc_pp.bat added
B/dos32/dj2.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/dos32/dm.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/dos32/emx.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/dos32/highc.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/dos32/ndp.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/dos32/sc.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/dos32/wc.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/dos32/wc_c.bat removed
B/dos32/wc_d.bat removed
B/dos32/wc_p.bat removed
B/dos32/zc.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/os2/emx.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/os2/wc.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/os2/zc.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/os2_16/mc.bat removed
B/os2_16/wc.bat removed
B/prepare.bat changed 72.3% diff
B/unset.bat changed 42.0% diff
B/win16/bc.bat removed
B/win16/sc.bat removed
B/win16/vc.bat removed
B/win16/wc.bat removed
B/win32/bc.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win32/cygwin.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win32/dm.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win32/ic.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win32/lccwin32.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win32/mingw.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win32/mwerks.bat added
B/win32/pellesc.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win32/pgi.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win32/pw32.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win32/rsxnt.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win32/sc.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win32/vc.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win32/vc_dll.bat added
B/win32/wc.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win64/ic.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win64/ic_dll.bat added
B/win64/vc.bat changed 100.0% diff
B/win64/vc_dll.bat added

HTML Pages (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/lzop.html removed

Options Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
B/dos32/dj2.opt changed 63.1% diff

POD Documents (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/lzop.pod removed

PostScript Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/lzop.ps removed

TeX Documents (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/lzop.tex removed

Directories (25 of 34):

asm added
asm/i386 added
asm/i386/obj added
asm/i386/obj/coff32 added
asm/i386/obj/elf32 added
asm/i386/obj/macho32 added
asm/i386/obj/omf32 added
asm/i386/obj/win32 added
asm/i386/src added
asm/i386/src_gas added
asm/i386/src_gas/all added
asm/i386/src_masm added
asm/i386/src_masm/all added
asm/i386/src_nasm added
asm/i386/src_nasm/all added
B/dos16 removed
B/os2_16 removed
B/win16 removed
examples added
include added
include/lzo added
lzotest added
minilzo added
tests added
util added

Change Logs (1 of 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
NEWS changed 100.0% diff

Information Files (all 8):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
AUTHORS changed 100.0% diff
BUGS added
doc/LZO.FAQ added
doc/LZO.TXT added
doc/LZOAPI.TXT added
doc/LZOTEST.TXT added
INSTALL changed 6.4% diff
THANKS changed 94.0% diff

Licenses (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
COPYING changed 3.2% diff

Readme Files (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
minilzo/README.LZO added
README changed 87.3% diff

Text Files (all 31):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
asm/i386/00README.TXT added
asm/i386/src/enter.ash added
asm/i386/src/leave.ash added
asm/i386/src/lzo1c_d.ash added
asm/i386/src/lzo1f_d.ash added
asm/i386/src/lzo1x_d.ash added
B/00README.TXT changed 83.7% diff
B/dos32/highc.rsp added
B/dos32/ndp.rsp added
B/src.rsp changed 100.0% diff
B/win32/bc.rsp added
B/win32/cygwin.rsp added
B/win32/sc.rsp removed
B/win32/vc.rsp added
B/win32/wc.rsp added
B/win64/vc.rsp added
config.hin changed 12.9% diff
doc/lzop.txt removed
doc/magic removed
src/lzo1_d.ch added
src/lzo1a_cm.ch added
src/lzo1a_cr.ch added
src/lzo1b_cm.ch added
src/lzo1b_cr.ch added
src/lzo1b_r.ch added
src/lzo1b_sm.ch added
src/lzo1b_tm.ch added
src/lzo1x_c.ch added
src/lzo1x_oo.ch added
src/lzo_dll.ch added
src/lzo_swd.ch added

Packages Compared:


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