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lzlib-1.11.tar.lz and lzlib-1.12-rc1.tar.lz

About: Lzlib is a data compression library providing in-memory LZMA compression and decompression functions using the lzip format. Release candidate.

NEWS  (lzlib-1.11.tar.lz):NEWS  (lzlib-1.12-rc1.tar.lz)
Changes in version 1.11: Changes in version 1.12:
In case of decompression error caused by corrupt or truncated data, If end of file is found at member trailer or EOS marker,
LZ_decompress_read now does not signal the error immediately to the 'LZ_decompress_errno' now returns 'LZ_unexpected_eof' instead of
application, but waits until all decoded bytes have been read. This 'LZ_data_error'.
allows tools like tarlz to recover as much data as possible from damaged
It is now an error to specify two different operations to minilzip in Decompression speed has been slightly increased.
the command line (--decompress and --test).
Minilzip now also checks for errors when closing the input file. A bug has been fixed in minilzip that falsely reported a library stall when
decompressing a file with empty members.
Minilzip now compiles on DOS with DJGPP. (Patch from Robert Riebisch). Minilzip now reports an error if a file name is empty (minilzip -t "").
The descriptions of '-0..-9', '-m' and '-s' in the manual have been Option '-o, --output' now behaves like '-c, --stdout', but sending the
improved. output unconditionally to a file instead of to standard output. See the new
description of '-o' in the manual. This change is not backwards compatible.
Therefore commands like:
minilzip -o foo.lz - bar < foo
must now be split into:
minilzip -o foo.lz - < foo
minilzip bar
or rewritten as:
minilzip - bar < foo > foo.lz
It has been documented that it is safe to call 'LZ_(de)compress_finish' When using '-c' or '-o', minilzip now checks whether the output is a
as many times as needed. Examples in the manual have been simplified. terminal only once.
The configure script now accepts appending options to CFLAGS using the The words 'decompressed' and 'compressed' have been replaced with the
syntax 'CFLAGS+=OPTIONS'. shorter 'out' and 'in' in the verbose output of minilzip when decompressing
or testing.
Makefile targets 'install-bin*' have been renamed to 'install-lib*'. New It has been documented in the manual that 'LZ_(de)compress_close' and
'install-bin*' targets have been created that install a shared minilzip, 'LZ_(de)compress_errno' can be safely called with a null argument.
or a static minilzip if the shared library has not been configured.
It has been documented in INSTALL the use of It has been documented in the manual that the LZMA marker '3' ("Sync Flush"
CFLAGS+='-D __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO' when compiling on MinGW. marker) is not allowed in lzip files. Marker '3' is a device for interactive
communication between applications using lzlib, but is useless and wasteful
in a file, and is excluded from the media type 'application/lzip'. The LZMA
marker '2' ("End Of Stream" marker) is the only marker allowed in lzip
It has been documented in the manual that not calling 'LZ_decompress_finish'
prevents lzlib from detecting a truncated member.
It has been documented in the manual that 'LZ_decompress_read' returns at
least once per member so that 'LZ_decompress_member_finished' can be called
(and trailer data retrieved) for each member, even for empty members.
Therefore, 'LZ_decompress_read' returning 0 does not mean that the end of
the stream has been reached.
Real code examples for the most common uses of the library have been added
to the tutorial.
'bbexample.c' has been simplified to not use 'LZ_(de)compress_write_size'.
'lzcheck.c' now also tests member by member decompression without
intermediate calls to 'LZ_decompress_finish'.
The new file 'ffexample.c', containing example functions for file-to-file
compression/decompression, has been added to the distribution.
The commands needed to extract files from a tar.lz archive have been
documented in the output of 'minilzip --help' and in the man page.
'make install-bin' no longer installs the minilzip man page. This is to
prevent 'make install-bin install-man-compress' from installing the man page
twice before compressing it.
The new targets 'install-bin-compress' and 'install-bin-strip-compress',
which install a (stripped) minilzip and a compressed man page, have been
added to the Makefile.
9 new test files have been added to the testsuite.
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