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Source code changes of the file "src/liblsquic/lsquic_frame_writer.c" between
lsquic-2.22.1.tar.gz and lsquic-2.23.1.tar.gz

About: LSQUIC is LiteSpeed’s QUIC and HTTP/3 Library. A hint: HTTP/3 uses QUIC as the underlying transport protocol instead of TCP.

lsquic_frame_writer.c  (lsquic-2.22.1):lsquic_frame_writer.c  (lsquic-2.23.1)
skipping to change at line 33 skipping to change at line 33
#include "lsquic.h" #include "lsquic.h"
#include "lsquic_int_types.h" #include "lsquic_int_types.h"
#include "lsquic_hash.h" #include "lsquic_hash.h"
#include "lsquic_conn.h" #include "lsquic_conn.h"
#include "lsquic_frame_writer.h" #include "lsquic_frame_writer.h"
#include "lsquic_frame_common.h" #include "lsquic_frame_common.h"
#include "lsquic_frab_list.h" #include "lsquic_frab_list.h"
#include "lsquic_ev_log.h" #include "lsquic_ev_log.h"
#include "fiu-local.h"
#define LSQUIC_LOG_CONN_ID lsquic_conn_log_cid(\ #define LSQUIC_LOG_CONN_ID lsquic_conn_log_cid(\
lsquic_stream_conn(fw->fw_stream)) lsquic_stream_conn(fw->fw_stream))
#include "lsquic_logger.h" #include "lsquic_logger.h"
/* Size of the buffer passed to lshpack_enc_encode() -- this limits the size /* Size of the buffer passed to lshpack_enc_encode() -- this limits the size
* of a single compressed header field. * of a single compressed header field.
*/ */
#define MAX_COMP_HEADER_FIELD_SIZE (64 * 1024) #define MAX_COMP_HEADER_FIELD_SIZE (64 * 1024)
skipping to change at line 481 skipping to change at line 483
lsquic_stream_id_t stream_id64, lsquic_stream_id_t promised_stream_id64, lsquic_stream_id_t stream_id64, lsquic_stream_id_t promised_stream_id64,
const struct lsquic_http_headers *headers) const struct lsquic_http_headers *headers)
{ {
uint32_t stream_id = stream_id64; uint32_t stream_id = stream_id64;
uint32_t promised_stream_id = promised_stream_id64; uint32_t promised_stream_id = promised_stream_id64;
struct header_framer_ctx hfc; struct header_framer_ctx hfc;
struct http_push_promise_frame push_frame; struct http_push_promise_frame push_frame;
unsigned char *buf; unsigned char *buf;
int s; int s;
fiu_return_on("frame_writer/writer_promise", -1);
if (fw->fw_max_header_list_sz && 0 != check_headers_size(fw, headers)) if (fw->fw_max_header_list_sz && 0 != check_headers_size(fw, headers))
return -1; return -1;
if (0 != check_headers_case(fw, headers)) if (0 != check_headers_case(fw, headers))
return -1; return -1;
if (have_oversize_strings(headers)) if (have_oversize_strings(headers))
return -1; return -1;
hfc_init(&hfc, fw, fw->fw_max_frame_sz, HTTP_FRAME_PUSH_PROMISE, hfc_init(&hfc, fw, fw->fw_max_frame_sz, HTTP_FRAME_PUSH_PROMISE,
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 4 lines changed or added

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