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Source code changes of the file "bin/http_server.c" between
lsquic-2.22.1.tar.gz and lsquic-2.23.1.tar.gz

About: LSQUIC is LiteSpeed’s QUIC and HTTP/3 Library. A hint: HTTP/3 uses QUIC as the underlying transport protocol instead of TCP.

http_server.c  (lsquic-2.22.1):http_server.c  (lsquic-2.23.1)
skipping to change at line 1462 skipping to change at line 1462
LSQ_DEBUG("pushing promise for %s", push_path->path); LSQ_DEBUG("pushing promise for %s", push_path->path);
hbuf.off = 0; hbuf.off = 0;
header_set_ptr(&header_arr[0], &hbuf, V(":method"), V("GET")); header_set_ptr(&header_arr[0], &hbuf, V(":method"), V("GET"));
header_set_ptr(&header_arr[1], &hbuf, V(":path"), V(push_path->p ath)); header_set_ptr(&header_arr[1], &hbuf, V(":path"), V(push_path->p ath));
header_set_ptr(&header_arr[2], &hbuf, V(":authority"), V(st_h->r eq->authority_str)); header_set_ptr(&header_arr[2], &hbuf, V(":authority"), V(st_h->r eq->authority_str));
header_set_ptr(&header_arr[3], &hbuf, V(":scheme"), V("https")); header_set_ptr(&header_arr[3], &hbuf, V(":scheme"), V("https"));
headers.headers = header_arr; headers.headers = header_arr;
headers.count = sizeof(header_arr) / sizeof(header_arr[0]); headers.count = sizeof(header_arr) / sizeof(header_arr[0]);
req = new_req(GET, push_path->path, st_h->req->authority_str); req = new_req(GET, push_path->path, st_h->req->authority_str);
if (req) if (req)
(void) lsquic_conn_push_stream(lsquic_stream_conn(stream), {
req, stream, &headers); if (0 != lsquic_conn_push_stream(lsquic_stream_conn(stream),
req, stream, &header
LSQ_WARN("stream push failed");
else else
LSQ_WARN("cannot allocate req for push"); LSQ_WARN("cannot allocate req for push");
free(push_path); free(push_path);
} }
if (0 == send_headers2(stream, st_h, gfc->remain)) if (0 == send_headers2(stream, st_h, gfc->remain))
st_h->flags |= SH_HEADERS_SENT; st_h->flags |= SH_HEADERS_SENT;
else else
{ {
LSQ_ERROR("cannot send headers: %s", strerror(errno)); LSQ_ERROR("cannot send headers: %s", strerror(errno));
lsquic_stream_close(stream); lsquic_stream_close(stream);
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
2 lines changed or deleted 9 lines changed or added

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