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About: LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) is a sound generation system (creation of melodies and beats, synthesis and mixing of sounds, arranging of samples; full MIDI support). Release candidate.

AUTHORS  (lmms-1.2.0-rc7):AUTHORS  (lmms-1.2.0-rc8)
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Uroš Maravić Uroš Maravić
<uros/dot/maravic/at/gmail/dot/com> <uros/dot/maravic/at/gmail/dot/com>
UI Developer UI Developer
Tobiasz Karoń (unfa) Tobiasz Karoń (unfa)
<unfa/at/unfamusic/dot/com> <unfa/at/unfamusic/dot/com>
UI Developer UI Developer
Johannes Lorenz Johannes Lorenz
<johannes89/at/mailueberfall/dot/de> <j/dot/git/at/lorenz/minus/ho/dot/me>
Developer Developer
Rubén Ibarra Pastor Rubén Ibarra Pastor
<pastorrub/at/msn/dot/com> <pastorrub/at/msn/dot/com>
Developer Developer
LocoMatt LocoMatt
<samozelko123/at/gmail/dot/com> <samozelko123/at/gmail/dot/com>
3osc skin developer 3osc skin developer
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