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About: littleutils are a collection of small and simple utilities (rename files, search for duplicate files, ...).

ChangeLog  (littleutils-1.2.4.tar.lz):ChangeLog  (littleutils-1.2.5.tar.lz)
version 1.2.5:
2021-10-08 Brian Lindholm
* repeats/repeats.pl.in: Another adjustment to reduce memory
consumption by another 1%.
2021-10-05 Brian Lindholm
* repeats/repeats.1: Minor tweaks.
2021-10-02 Brian Lindholm
* repeats/repeats.pl.in: Use pack when concatenating integers for use
as hash keys. Reduces memory consumption by about 7%.
2021-09-25 Brian Lindholm
* littleutils/filehash.*: Refactor code for improved readability and
slight efficiency improvement.
2021-09-24 Brian Lindholm
* repeats/repeats.in: Use the new -b option of filehash to reduce
memory consumption.
2021-09-24 Brian Lindholm
* littleutils/filehash.*: Add -b option to print hash results in
base64url instead of hex. This results in more compact output.
2021-09-16 Brian Lindholm
* autoconf/configure.ac, littleutils/randomize.c,
littleutils/tempname.c, littleutils/rand_funcs.*,
littleutils/Makefile.in: Use non-blocking getrandom function if
available, permitting faster operation in systems where urandom is
depleted too quickly. If available, use clock_gettime nanoseconds
instead of time as a random number generator seed fallback. Split
rand_seed and rand_int into separate source files. Use 8 random
characters instead of 6 in tempname.
2021-09-14 Brian Lindholm
* littleutils/orig/tempname.c: Resync with version from glibc-2.34.
2021-09-11 Brian Lindholm
* autoconf/autoconf.ac, autoconf/config.h, configure: Upgrade from
autoconf-2.69 to 2.71.
2021-07-10 Brian Lindholm
* littleutils/filesize.*: Add the -t option to totalize the sum of
all file sizes.
2021-07-10 Brian Lindholm
* autoconf/config.*: Grab latest copies from
http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/config.git/plain/config.guess and
2021-04-30 Brian Lindholm
* extra/pren.in, scripts/lcuc.in: Tighten perl syntax to reduce size.
2021-03-29 Brian Lindholm
* extra/pdfquant.1: Fix several typos.
2021-03-29 Brian Lindholm
* extra/pdfidiff.in: Fix bad utility name in copyright statement.
2021-03-28 Brian Lindholm
* extra/pdfquant.*, extra/Makefile.in: New littleutil pdfquant, which
can be used to reduce the size of the colormap used by bitmaps found
in PDF files. It utilizes img2pdf, pdfimages, pngquant, and
pdfseparate as computation engines. It is targeted at PDFs created by
document scanning software.
2021-03-28 Brian Lindholm
* autoconf/configure.ac, README: Change package version to 1.2.5.
Added checks and notes for new pdfquant utility.
version 1.2.4: version 1.2.4:
2019-03-12 Brian Lindholm 2019-03-12 Brian Lindholm
* littleutils/lsysinfo.1: Rework sysinfo(2) results handling for * littleutils/lsysinfo.1: Rework sysinfo(2) results handling for
Cygwin, which reports pages instead of bytes. Cygwin, which reports pages instead of bytes.
2019-01-23 Brian Lindholm 2019-01-23 Brian Lindholm
* extra/pdfidiff.1: Add pdftocairo to NOTES section. * extra/pdfidiff.1: Add pdftocairo to NOTES section.
2019-01-23 Brian Lindholm 2019-01-23 Brian Lindholm
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