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Source code changes of the file "Unicode/7bitrepl.lnx" between
links-1.03.tar.gz and links-1.04.tar.gz

About: Links is a Lynx-like text WWW browser (table support and pop-up dialog boxes).

7bitrepl.lnx  (links-1.03):7bitrepl.lnx  (links-1.04)
skipping to change at line 70 skipping to change at line 70
U+00c4:A: U+00c4:A:
U+00c5:AA U+00c5:AA
U+00c6:AE U+00c6:AE
U+00c7:C, U+00c7:C,
0x45 U+00c8-U+00cb 0x45 U+00c8-U+00cb
0x49 U+00cc-U+00cf 0x49 U+00cc-U+00cf
U+00d0:D- U+00d0:D-
0x4e U+00d1 0x4e U+00d1
0x4f U+00d2-U+00d5 0x4f U+00d2-U+00d5
U+00d6:O: U+00d6:O:
U+00d7: * U+00d7:*
U+00d8:O/ U+00d8:O/
0x55 U+00d9-U+00db 0x55 U+00d9-U+00db
U+00dc:U: U+00dc:U:
0x59 U+00dd 0x59 U+00dd
U+00de:TH U+00de:TH
U+00df:ss U+00df:ss
U+00e0:`a U+00e0:`a
0x61 U+00e1-U+00e3 0x61 U+00e1-U+00e3
U+00e4:a: U+00e4:a:
U+00e5:aa U+00e5:aa
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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