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Source code changes of the file "vendor/licenses/git_submodule/boogie-vscode.dep.yml" between
linguist-7.23.0.tar.gz and linguist-7.24.0.tar.gz

About: Linguist is a library mainly to detect the programming language used in a file (on GitHub.com it is used to detect blob languages, ignore binary or vendored files, suppress generated files in diffs, and generate language breakdown graphs).

boogie-vscode.dep.yml  (linguist-7.23.0):boogie-vscode.dep.yml  (linguist-7.24.0)
--- ---
name: boogie-vscode name: boogie-vscode
version: ecb35e860cbaf21616ec99bd79ba633ce958007c version: d6000c6f1af5a44d712522dd35b52934c14cac52
type: git_submodule type: git_submodule
homepage: https://github.com/boogie-org/boogie-vscode homepage: https://github.com/boogie-org/boogie-vscode
license: mit license: mit
licenses: licenses:
- sources: LICENSE - sources: LICENSE
text: | text: |
MIT License MIT License
Copyright (c) 2019 siddharth-krishna Copyright (c) 2019 siddharth-krishna
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