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Source code changes of the file "vendor/licenses/git_submodule/PHP-Twig.tmbundle.dep.yml" between
linguist-7.23.0.tar.gz and linguist-7.24.0.tar.gz

About: Linguist is a library mainly to detect the programming language used in a file (on GitHub.com it is used to detect blob languages, ignore binary or vendored files, suppress generated files in diffs, and generate language breakdown graphs).

PHP-Twig.tmbundle.dep.yml  (linguist-7.23.0):PHP-Twig.tmbundle.dep.yml  (linguist-7.24.0)
--- ---
name: PHP-Twig.tmbundle name: PHP-Twig.tmbundle
version: 77def406d70b90dff33d006478198b729e23d22c version: aedf955eba9753554815b2cbef5e072415e42068
type: git_submodule type: git_submodule
homepage: https://github.com/Anomareh/PHP-Twig.tmbundle homepage: https://github.com/Anomareh/PHP-Twig.tmbundle
license: bsd-3-clause license: bsd-3-clause
licenses: licenses:
- sources: LICENSE - sources: LICENSE
text: | text: |
Copyright (c) 2014, Andrew Fricke Copyright (c) 2014, Andrew Fricke
All rights reserved. All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
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