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Source code changes of the file "test/testgeotifcp" between
libgeotiff-1.5.1.tar.gz and libgeotiff-1.6.0.tar.gz

About: libgeotiff is a library (built on top of libtiff) for reading and writing coordinate system information from and to GeoTIFF files (GeoTIFF establishes a TIFF based interchange format for georeferenced raster imagery).

testgeotifcp  (libgeotiff-1.5.1):testgeotifcp  (libgeotiff-1.6.0)
skipping to change at line 45 skipping to change at line 45
OUT=testgeotifcp_out OUT=testgeotifcp_out
rm -f ${OUT} rm -f ${OUT}
$LISTGEO_EXE ${DATA_DIR}/albers_equal_area.tif > tmp_albers_equal_area.txt $LISTGEO_EXE ${DATA_DIR}/albers_equal_area.tif > tmp_albers_equal_area.txt
$EXE -g tmp_albers_equal_area.txt ${DATA_DIR}/byte.tif tmp_albers_equal_area.tif $EXE -g tmp_albers_equal_area.txt ${DATA_DIR}/byte.tif tmp_albers_equal_area.tif
$LISTGEO_EXE tmp_albers_equal_area.tif >> ${OUT} $LISTGEO_EXE tmp_albers_equal_area.tif >> ${OUT}
rm -f tmp_albers_equal_area.txt rm -f tmp_albers_equal_area.txt
rm -f tmp_albers_equal_area.tif rm -f tmp_albers_equal_area.tif
echo "" >> ${OUT}
$LISTGEO_EXE ${DATA_DIR}/ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.tif > tmp_ ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.txt $LISTGEO_EXE ${DATA_DIR}/ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.tif > tmp_ ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.txt
$EXE -g tmp_ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.txt ${DATA_DIR}/byte.ti f tmp_ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.tif $EXE -g tmp_ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.txt ${DATA_DIR}/byte.ti f tmp_ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.tif
$LISTGEO_EXE tmp_ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.tif >> ${OUT} $LISTGEO_EXE tmp_ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.tif >> ${OUT}
rm -f tmp_ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.txt rm -f tmp_ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.txt
rm -f tmp_ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.tif rm -f tmp_ProjectedCSTypeGeoKey_3083_albers_equal_area.tif
echo "" >> ${OUT}
# Test copying a GeoTIFF v1.1 file
$LISTGEO_EXE ${DATA_DIR}/byte_v11.tif > tmp_byte_v11.txt
$EXE -g tmp_byte_v11.txt ${DATA_DIR}/byte.tif tmp_byte_v11.tif
$LISTGEO_EXE tmp_byte_v11.tif >> ${OUT}
rm -f tmp_byte_v11.txt
rm -f tmp_byte_v11.tif
echo "" >> ${OUT}
# Test changing the version number
$EXE -v 1:1:1 ${DATA_DIR}/byte.tif tmp_byte_v11.tif
$LISTGEO_EXE tmp_byte_v11.tif >> ${OUT}
rm -f tmp_byte_v11.tif
echo "" >> ${OUT}
# do 'diff' with distribution results # do 'diff' with distribution results
echo "diff ${OUT} with testgeotifcp_out.dist" echo "diff ${OUT} with testgeotifcp_out.dist"
diff -u ${OUT} ${TEST_CLI_DIR}/testgeotifcp_out.dist diff -u ${OUT} ${TEST_CLI_DIR}/testgeotifcp_out.dist
if [ $? -ne 0 ] ; then if [ $? -ne 0 ] ; then
echo "" echo ""
echo "test file ${OUT} saved" echo "test file ${OUT} saved"
echo echo
exit 100 exit 100
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0 lines changed or deleted 16 lines changed or added

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