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Source code changes of the file "lesskey.nro" between
less-580.tar.gz and less-581.tar.gz

About: less is a file pager (a program that displays text files similar to "more" or "pg"). Beta version.

lesskey.nro  (less-580):lesskey.nro  (less-581)
'\" t '\" t
.TH LESSKEY 1 "Version 580: 02 Mar 2021" .TH LESSKEY 1 "Version 581: 06 Apr 2021"
lesskey \- specify key bindings for less lesskey \- specify key bindings for less
.B "lesskey [\-o output] [\-\-] [input]" .B "lesskey [\-o output] [\-\-] [input]"
.br .br
.B "lesskey [\-\-output=output] [\-\-] [input]" .B "lesskey [\-\-output=output] [\-\-] [input]"
.br .br
.B "lesskey \-V" .B "lesskey \-V"
.br .br
.B "lesskey \-\-version" .B "lesskey \-\-version"
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1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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