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Source code changes of the file "packages/less/test/less-test.js" between
less.js-4.1.2.tar.gz and less.js-4.1.3.tar.gz

About: Less.js (Leaner CSS) is a CSS preprocessor (extension language) adding features that allow variables, mixins, functions and many other techniques that allow you to make CSS that is more maintainable, themable and extendable.

less-test.js  (less.js-4.1.2):less-test.js  (less.js-4.1.3)
skipping to change at line 565 skipping to change at line 565
const expected = 'h1 {\n color: red;\n}\n'; const expected = 'h1 {\n color: red;\n}\n';
if (css !== expected) { if (css !== expected) {
difference('FAIL', expected, css); difference('FAIL', expected, css);
return; return;
} }
nockScope.done(); nockScope.done();
ok('OK'); ok('OK');
}; };
} }
function testDisablePluginRule() {
'@plugin "../../plugin/some_plugin";',
{disablePluginRule: true},
function(err) {
// TODO: Need a better way of identifing exactly which error is
thrown. Checking
// text like this tends to be rather brittle.
const EXPECTED = '@plugin statements are not allowed when disabl
ePluginRule is set to true';
if (!err || String(err).indexOf(EXPECTED) < 0) {
fail('ERROR: Expected "' + EXPECTED + '" error');
ok(stylize('OK\n', 'green'));
return { return {
runTestSet: runTestSet, runTestSet: runTestSet,
runTestSetNormalOnly: runTestSetNormalOnly, runTestSetNormalOnly: runTestSetNormalOnly,
testSyncronous: testSyncronous, testSyncronous: testSyncronous,
testErrors: testErrors, testErrors: testErrors,
testTypeErrors: testTypeErrors, testTypeErrors: testTypeErrors,
testSourcemap: testSourcemap, testSourcemap: testSourcemap,
testSourcemapWithoutUrlAnnotation: testSourcemapWithoutUrlAnnotation, testSourcemapWithoutUrlAnnotation: testSourcemapWithoutUrlAnnotation,
testImports: testImports, testImports: testImports,
testImportRedirect: testImportRedirect, testImportRedirect: testImportRedirect,
testEmptySourcemap: testEmptySourcemap, testEmptySourcemap: testEmptySourcemap,
testNoOptions: testNoOptions, testNoOptions: testNoOptions,
testDisablePluginRule: testDisablePluginRule,
testJSImport: testJSImport, testJSImport: testJSImport,
finished: finished finished: finished
}; };
}; };
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 20 lines changed or added

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