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Source code changes of the file "krita/data/templates/texture/Texture8k32bitscalar.desktop" between
krita-5.1.3.tar.xz and krita-5.1.4.tar.xz

About: Krita is a painting program offering art tools for everyone (concept art, texture and matte painters, illustrations and comics).

Texture8k32bitscalar.desktop  (krita-5.1.3.tar.xz):Texture8k32bitscalar.desktop  (krita-5.1.4.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 37 skipping to change at line 37
Name[ko]=텍스처 8k 32비트 스칼라 Name[ko]=텍스처 8k 32비트 스칼라
Name[nl]=Textuur 8k 32bit scalar Name[nl]=Textuur 8k 32bit scalar
Name[nn]=Tekstur 8k 32-bits gråtonar Name[nn]=Tekstur 8k 32-bits gråtonar
Name[pl]=Tekstura 8k 32bit skalar Name[pl]=Tekstura 8k 32bit skalar
Name[pt]=Textura 8k 32-bits escalar Name[pt]=Textura 8k 32-bits escalar
Name[pt_BR]=Textura 8k 32bits escalar Name[pt_BR]=Textura 8k 32bits escalar
Name[ru]=Текстура 8k 32 бит scalar Name[ru]=Текстура 8k 32 бит scalar
Name[sk]=Textúra 8k 32bit skalár Name[sk]=Textúra 8k 32bit skalár
Name[sl]=Tekstura 8k, 32-bitno, skalar Name[sl]=Tekstura 8k, 32-bitno, skalar
Name[sv]=Struktur 8k 32-bitar skalär Name[sv]=Struktur 8k 32-bitar skalär
Name[tr]=Doku 8k 32 bit sayısal Name[tr]=8k 32 bit sayısal doku
Name[uk]=Текстура 8k, 32-бітова, скалярна Name[uk]=Текстура 8k, 32-бітова, скалярна
Name[x-test]=xxTexture 8k 32bit scalarxx Name[x-test]=xxTexture 8k 32bit scalarxx
Name[zh_CN]=8K 纹理 32 位 Scalar 色彩空间 Name[zh_CN]=8K 纹理 32 位 Scalar 色彩空间
Name[zh_TW]=紋理 8k 32位元 scalar Name[zh_TW]=紋理 8k 32位元 scalar
Type=Link Type=Link
URL[$e]=.source/Texture8k32bitscalar.kra URL[$e]=.source/Texture8k32bitscalar.kra
X-KDE-Hidden=false X-KDE-Hidden=false
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