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Source code changes of the file "krita/data/templates/comics/.directory" between
krita-5.1.3.tar.xz and krita-5.1.4.tar.xz

About: Krita is a painting program offering art tools for everyone (concept art, texture and matte painters, illustrations and comics).

.directory  (krita-5.1.3.tar.xz):.directory  (krita-5.1.4.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 41 skipping to change at line 41
Name[nds]=Comic-Vörlagen Name[nds]=Comic-Vörlagen
Name[nl]=Stripverhaalsjabloon Name[nl]=Stripverhaalsjabloon
Name[nn]=Teikneseriemalar Name[nn]=Teikneseriemalar
Name[pl]=Szablony komiksów Name[pl]=Szablony komiksów
Name[pt]=Modelos de Banda Desenhada Name[pt]=Modelos de Banda Desenhada
Name[pt_BR]=Modelos de quadrinhos Name[pt_BR]=Modelos de quadrinhos
Name[ru]=Шаблоны комиксов Name[ru]=Шаблоны комиксов
Name[sk]=Komixové šablóny Name[sk]=Komixové šablóny
Name[sl]=Predloge za stripe Name[sl]=Predloge za stripe
Name[sv]=Seriemallar Name[sv]=Seriemallar
Name[tr]=Çizgi Roman Şablonu Name[tr]=Çizgi Roman Şablonları
Name[uk]=Шаблони коміксів Name[uk]=Шаблони коміксів
Name[wa]=Modeles di bindes d' imådjes Name[wa]=Modeles di bindes d' imådjes
Name[x-test]=xxComic Templatesxx Name[x-test]=xxComic Templatesxx
Name[zh_CN]=漫画模板 Name[zh_CN]=漫画模板
Name[zh_TW]=漫畫範本 Name[zh_TW]=漫畫範本
X-KDE-DefaultTab=true X-KDE-DefaultTab=true
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