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Source code changes of the file "src/krenametokensorter.h" between
krename-4.0.9.tar.gz and krename-4.90.90.tar.gz

About: KRename is a batch file-renamer (KDE).

krenametokensorter.h  (krename-4.0.9):krenametokensorter.h  (krename-4.90.90)
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***************************************************************************/ ***************************************************************************/
#include "krenamefile.h" #include "krenamefile.h"
#include <QMap> #include <QMap>
#include <QString> #include <QString>
#include <kurl.h> #include <QUrl>
class BatchRenamer; class BatchRenamer;
class Plugin; class Plugin;
bool ascendingKRenameFileLessThan( const KRenameFile & file1, const KRenameFile bool ascendingKRenameFileLessThan(const KRenameFile &file1, const KRenameFile &f
& file2 ); ile2);
bool descendingKRenameFileLessThan( const KRenameFile & file1, const KRenameFile bool descendingKRenameFileLessThan(const KRenameFile &file1, const KRenameFile &
& file2 ); file2);
bool numericKRenameFileLessThan( const KRenameFile & file1, const KRenameFile & bool numericKRenameFileLessThan(const KRenameFile &file1, const KRenameFile &fil
file2 ); e2);
bool randomKRenameFileLessThan( const KRenameFile &, const KRenameFile & ); bool randomKRenameFileLessThan(const KRenameFile &, const KRenameFile &);
class KRenameTokenSorter { class KRenameTokenSorter
public: public:
enum ESimpleSortMode { enum ESimpleSortMode {
eSimpleSortMode_Ascending, eSimpleSortMode_Ascending,
eSimpleSortMode_Descending, eSimpleSortMode_Descending,
eSimpleSortMode_Numeric eSimpleSortMode_Numeric
}; };
KRenameTokenSorter(BatchRenamer* renamer, const QString & token, const KRena meFile::List & list, ESimpleSortMode eSortMode); KRenameTokenSorter(BatchRenamer *renamer, const QString &token, const KRenam eFile::List &list, ESimpleSortMode eSortMode);
bool operator()( const KRenameFile & file1, const KRenameFile & file2 ); bool operator()(const KRenameFile &file1, const KRenameFile &file2);
private: private:
QString processString( int index ) const; QString processString(int index) const;
private: private:
BatchRenamer* m_renamer; BatchRenamer *m_renamer;
const QString & m_token; const QString &m_token;
const KRenameFile::List & m_list; const KRenameFile::List &m_list;
ESimpleSortMode m_eSortMode; ESimpleSortMode m_eSortMode;
Plugin* m_plugin; Plugin *m_plugin;
QMap<KUrl,QString> m_values; QMap<QUrl, QString> m_values;
}; };
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