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Source code changes of the file "src/lib/kadm5/admin_xdr.h" between
krb5-1.17.1.tar.gz and krb5-1.18.tar.gz

About: Kerberos is a network authentication protocol. It is designed to provide strong authentication for client/server applications by using secret-key cryptography (MIT implementation). Current release.

admin_xdr.h  (krb5-1.17.1):admin_xdr.h  (krb5-1.18)
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bool_t xdr_kadm5_policy_ent_t(XDR *xdrs, kadm5_policy_ent_t *objp); bool_t xdr_kadm5_policy_ent_t(XDR *xdrs, kadm5_policy_ent_t *objp);
bool_t xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_t(XDR *xdrs, kadm5_principal_ent_t *objp); bool_t xdr_kadm5_principal_ent_t(XDR *xdrs, kadm5_principal_ent_t *objp);
bool_t xdr_cprinc_arg(XDR *xdrs, cprinc_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_cprinc_arg(XDR *xdrs, cprinc_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_cprinc3_arg(XDR *xdrs, cprinc3_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_cprinc3_arg(XDR *xdrs, cprinc3_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_generic_ret(XDR *xdrs, generic_ret *objp); bool_t xdr_generic_ret(XDR *xdrs, generic_ret *objp);
bool_t xdr_dprinc_arg(XDR *xdrs, dprinc_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_dprinc_arg(XDR *xdrs, dprinc_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_mprinc_arg(XDR *xdrs, mprinc_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_mprinc_arg(XDR *xdrs, mprinc_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_rprinc_arg(XDR *xdrs, rprinc_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_rprinc_arg(XDR *xdrs, rprinc_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_chpass_arg(XDR *xdrs, chpass_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_chpass_arg(XDR *xdrs, chpass_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_chpass3_arg(XDR *xdrs, chpass3_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_chpass3_arg(XDR *xdrs, chpass3_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_setv4key_arg(XDR *xdrs, setv4key_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_setkey_arg(XDR *xdrs, setkey_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_setkey_arg(XDR *xdrs, setkey_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_setkey3_arg(XDR *xdrs, setkey3_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_setkey3_arg(XDR *xdrs, setkey3_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_setkey4_arg(XDR *xdrs, setkey4_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_setkey4_arg(XDR *xdrs, setkey4_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_chrand_arg(XDR *xdrs, chrand_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_chrand_arg(XDR *xdrs, chrand_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_chrand3_arg(XDR *xdrs, chrand3_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_chrand3_arg(XDR *xdrs, chrand3_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_chrand_ret(XDR *xdrs, chrand_ret *objp); bool_t xdr_chrand_ret(XDR *xdrs, chrand_ret *objp);
bool_t xdr_gprinc_arg(XDR *xdrs, gprinc_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_gprinc_arg(XDR *xdrs, gprinc_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_gprinc_ret(XDR *xdrs, gprinc_ret *objp); bool_t xdr_gprinc_ret(XDR *xdrs, gprinc_ret *objp);
bool_t xdr_gprincs_arg(XDR *xdrs, gprincs_arg *objp); bool_t xdr_gprincs_arg(XDR *xdrs, gprincs_arg *objp);
bool_t xdr_gprincs_ret(XDR *xdrs, gprincs_ret *objp); bool_t xdr_gprincs_ret(XDR *xdrs, gprincs_ret *objp);
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