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About: Kerberos is a network authentication protocol. It is designed to provide strong authentication for client/server applications by using secret-key cryptography (MIT implementation). Current release.

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========================================== ============================= ====== ============== ========================================== ============================= ====== ==============
Description Default Env ironment Description Default Env ironment
========================================== ============================= ====== ============== ========================================== ============================= ====== ==============
:ref:`keytab_definition` file |keytab| **KRB 5_KTNAME** :ref:`keytab_definition` file |keytab| **KRB 5_KTNAME**
Client :ref:`keytab_definition` file |ckeytab| **KRB 5_CLIENT_KTNAME** Client :ref:`keytab_definition` file |ckeytab| **KRB 5_CLIENT_KTNAME**
Kerberos config file :ref:`krb5.conf(5)` |krb5conf|\ ``:``\ **KRB 5_CONFIG** Kerberos config file :ref:`krb5.conf(5)` |krb5conf|\ ``:``\ **KRB 5_CONFIG**
|sysconfdir|\ ``/krb5.conf`` |sysconfdir|\ ``/krb5.conf``
KDC config file :ref:`kdc.conf(5)` |kdcdir|\ ``/kdc.conf`` **KRB 5_KDC_PROFILE** KDC config file :ref:`kdc.conf(5)` |kdcdir|\ ``/kdc.conf`` **KRB 5_KDC_PROFILE**
GSS mechanism config file |sysconfdir|\ ``/gss/mech`` **GSS _MECH_CONFIG**
KDC database path (DB2) |kdcdir|\ ``/principal`` KDC database path (DB2) |kdcdir|\ ``/principal``
Master key :ref:`stash_definition` |kdcdir|\ ``/.k5.``\ *realm* Master key :ref:`stash_definition` |kdcdir|\ ``/.k5.``\ *realm*
Admin server ACL file :ref:`kadm5.acl(5)` |kdcdir|\ ``/kadm5.acl`` Admin server ACL file :ref:`kadm5.acl(5)` |kdcdir|\ ``/kadm5.acl``
OTP socket directory |kdcrundir| OTP socket directory |kdcrundir|
Plugin base directory |libdir|\ ``/krb5/plugins`` Plugin base directory |libdir|\ ``/krb5/plugins``
:ref:`rcache_definition` directory ``/var/tmp`` **KRB 5RCACHEDIR** :ref:`rcache_definition` directory ``/var/tmp`` **KRB 5RCACHEDIR**
Master key default enctype |defmkey| Master key default enctype |defmkey|
Default :ref:`keysalt list<Keysalt_lists>` |defkeysalts| Default :ref:`keysalt list<Keysalt_lists>` |defkeysalts|
Permitted enctypes |defetypes| Permitted enctypes |defetypes|
KDC default port 88 KDC default port 88
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