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Source code changes of the file "keystone.egg-info/entry_points.txt" between
keystone-16.0.1.tar.gz and keystone-17.0.0.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Keystone (Core Service: Identity) provides an authentication and authorization service for other OpenStack services. Provides a catalog of endpoints for all OpenStack services.
The "Ussuri" series (latest release).

entry_points.txt  (keystone-16.0.1):entry_points.txt  (keystone-17.0.0)
skipping to change at line 88 skipping to change at line 88
[keystone.oauth1] [keystone.oauth1]
sql = keystone.oauth1.backends.sql:OAuth1 sql = keystone.oauth1.backends.sql:OAuth1
[keystone.policy] [keystone.policy]
rules = keystone.policy.backends.rules:Policy rules = keystone.policy.backends.rules:Policy
sql = keystone.policy.backends.sql:Policy sql = keystone.policy.backends.sql:Policy
[keystone.receipt.provider] [keystone.receipt.provider]
fernet = keystone.receipt.providers.fernet:Provider fernet = keystone.receipt.providers.fernet:Provider
sql = keystone.resource.backends.sql:Resource
[keystone.resource.domain_config] [keystone.resource.domain_config]
sql = keystone.resource.config_backends.sql:DomainConfig sql = keystone.resource.config_backends.sql:DomainConfig
[keystone.revoke] [keystone.revoke]
sql = keystone.revoke.backends.sql:Revoke sql = keystone.revoke.backends.sql:Revoke
[keystone.role] [keystone.role]
sql = keystone.assignment.role_backends.sql:Role sql = keystone.assignment.role_backends.sql:Role
[keystone.server_middleware] [keystone.server_middleware]
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