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About: OpenStack Keystone (Core Service: Identity) provides an authentication and authorization service for other OpenStack services. Provides a catalog of endpoints for all OpenStack services.
The "Train" series (latest release).

AUTHORS  (keystone-16.0.0):AUTHORS  (keystone-16.0.1)
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root <root@newapps.(none)> root <root@newapps.(none)>
rpedde <ron@pedde.com> rpedde <ron@pedde.com>
rtmdk <rtmdk@163.com> rtmdk <rtmdk@163.com>
ruichen <kiwik.chenrui@huawei.com> ruichen <kiwik.chenrui@huawei.com>
saikrishna <krishna1256@gmail.com> saikrishna <krishna1256@gmail.com>
saikrishna1511@gmail.com <psaikrishna@ubudesk1004.(none)> saikrishna1511@gmail.com <psaikrishna@ubudesk1004.(none)>
sam leong <chio-fai-sam.leong@hpe.com> sam leong <chio-fai-sam.leong@hpe.com>
saradpatel <sarad.patel@hp.com> saradpatel <sarad.patel@hp.com>
saranjan <saranjan@cisco.com> saranjan <saranjan@cisco.com>
sathish-nagappan <sathish.nagappan@nebula.com> sathish-nagappan <sathish.nagappan@nebula.com>
shenjiatong <yshxxsjt715@gmail.com>
sirish bitra <sirish.bitra@gmail.com> sirish bitra <sirish.bitra@gmail.com>
space <fengzhr@awcloud.com> space <fengzhr@awcloud.com>
tanlin <lin.tan@intel.com> tanlin <lin.tan@intel.com>
tengqm <tengqim@cn.ibm.com> tengqm <tengqim@cn.ibm.com>
termie <github@anarkystic.com> termie <github@anarkystic.com>
venkatamahesh <venkatamaheshkotha@gmail.com> venkatamahesh <venkatamaheshkotha@gmail.com>
vishvananda <vishvananda@gmail.com> vishvananda <vishvananda@gmail.com>
wanghong <w.wanghong@huawei.com> wanghong <w.wanghong@huawei.com>
wanghongtaozz <wanghongtaozz@inspur.com> wanghongtaozz <wanghongtaozz@inspur.com>
wanghui <wang_hui@inspur.com> wanghui <wang_hui@inspur.com>
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