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Source code changes of the file "keystone/tests/unit/test_cli.py" between
keystone-15.0.0.tar.gz and keystone-15.0.1.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Keystone (Core Service: Identity) provides an authentication and authorization service for other OpenStack services. Provides a catalog of endpoints for all OpenStack services.
The "Stein" series (maintained release).

test_cli.py  (keystone-15.0.0):test_cli.py  (keystone-15.0.1)
skipping to change at line 289 skipping to change at line 289
# The second bootstrap run will recover the account. # The second bootstrap run will recover the account.
self._do_test_bootstrap(self.bootstrap) self._do_test_bootstrap(self.bootstrap)
# Sanity check that the original password works again. # Sanity check that the original password works again.
with self.make_request(): with self.make_request():
PROVIDERS.identity_api.authenticate( PROVIDERS.identity_api.authenticate(
user_id, user_id,
self.bootstrap.password) self.bootstrap.password)
def test_bootstrap_with_ambiguous_role_names(self):
# bootstrap system to create the default admin role
# create a domain-specific roles that share the same names as the
# default roles created by keystone-manage bootstrap
domain = {'id': uuid.uuid4().hex, 'name': uuid.uuid4().hex}
domain = PROVIDERS.resource_api.create_domain(domain['id'], domain)
domain_roles = {}
for name in ['admin', 'member', 'reader']:
domain_role = {
'domain_id': domain['id'],
'id': uuid.uuid4().hex,
'name': name
domain_roles[name] = PROVIDERS.role_api.create_role(
domain_role['id'], domain_role
# ensure subsequent bootstrap attempts don't fail because of
# ambiguity
class CliBootStrapTestCaseWithEnvironment(CliBootStrapTestCase): class CliBootStrapTestCaseWithEnvironment(CliBootStrapTestCase):
def config(self, config_files): def config(self, config_files):
CONF(args=['bootstrap'], project='keystone', CONF(args=['bootstrap'], project='keystone',
default_config_files=config_files) default_config_files=config_files)
def setUp(self): def setUp(self):
super(CliBootStrapTestCaseWithEnvironment, self).setUp() super(CliBootStrapTestCaseWithEnvironment, self).setUp()
self.password = uuid.uuid4().hex self.password = uuid.uuid4().hex
self.username = uuid.uuid4().hex self.username = uuid.uuid4().hex
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