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Source code changes of the file "src/dvb/dvbdevice_linux.h" between
kaffeine-2.0.16.tar.gz and kaffeine-2.0.17.tar.gz

About: Kaffeine is a full featured Multimedia-Player for KDE (default backend is xine).

dvbdevice_linux.h  (kaffeine-2.0.16):dvbdevice_linux.h  (kaffeine-2.0.17)
skipping to change at line 102 skipping to change at line 102
QString frontendName; QString frontendName;
TransmissionTypes transmissionTypes; TransmissionTypes transmissionTypes;
Capabilities capabilities; Capabilities capabilities;
DvbFrontendDevice *frontend; DvbFrontendDevice *frontend;
bool enabled; bool enabled;
QMap<int, int> dmxFds; QMap<int, int> dmxFds;
float freqMHz; float freqMHz;
int verbose; int verbose;
int frontendFd;
int dvrFd; int dvrFd;
int dvrPipe[2]; int dvrPipe[2];
DvbDataBuffer dvrBuffer; DvbDataBuffer dvrBuffer;
DvbLinuxCam cam; DvbLinuxCam cam;
}; };
class DvbDeviceMonitor; class DvbDeviceMonitor;
class DvbLinuxDeviceManager : public QObject class DvbLinuxDeviceManager : public QObject
{ {
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