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Source code changes of the file "src/dvb/dvbconfigdialog.h" between
kaffeine-2.0.16.tar.gz and kaffeine-2.0.17.tar.gz

About: Kaffeine is a full featured Multimedia-Player for KDE (default backend is xine).

dvbconfigdialog.h  (kaffeine-2.0.16):dvbconfigdialog.h  (kaffeine-2.0.17)
skipping to change at line 83 skipping to change at line 83
public: public:
DvbConfigDialog(DvbManager *manager_, QWidget *parent); DvbConfigDialog(DvbManager *manager_, QWidget *parent);
~DvbConfigDialog(); ~DvbConfigDialog();
signals: signals:
void removeRegex(DvbConfigPage *page); void removeRegex(DvbConfigPage *page);
private slots: private slots:
void changeRecordingFolder(); void changeRecordingFolder();
void changeTimeShiftFolder(); void changeTimeShiftFolder();
void changeXmltvFileName();
void updateScanFile(); void updateScanFile();
void openScanFile(); void openScanFile();
void newRegex(); void newRegex();
void removeRegex(); void removeRegex();
void namingFormatChanged(QString text); void namingFormatChanged(QString text);
void moveLeft(DvbConfigPage *configPage); void moveLeft(DvbConfigPage *configPage);
void moveRight(DvbConfigPage *configPage); void moveRight(DvbConfigPage *configPage);
void remove(DvbConfigPage *configPage); void remove(DvbConfigPage *configPage);
private: private:
void removeWidgets(QGridLayout *layout, int row, int column, bool deleteW idgets); void removeWidgets(QGridLayout *layout, int row, int column, bool deleteW idgets);
void initRegexButtons(QGridLayout *buttonGrid); void initRegexButtons(QGridLayout *buttonGrid);
//void deleteChildWidgets(QLayoutItem *item); //void deleteChildWidgets(QLayoutItem *item);
void accept(); void accept();
DvbManager *manager; DvbManager *manager;
QTabWidget *tabWidget; QTabWidget *tabWidget;
QLineEdit *recordingFolderEdit; QLineEdit *recordingFolderEdit;
QLineEdit *timeShiftFolderEdit; QLineEdit *timeShiftFolderEdit;
QLineEdit *xmltvFileNameEdit;
QSpinBox *beginMarginBox; QSpinBox *beginMarginBox;
QSpinBox *endMarginBox; QSpinBox *endMarginBox;
QLineEdit *namingFormat; QLineEdit *namingFormat;
QCheckBox *override6937CharsetBox; QCheckBox *override6937CharsetBox;
QCheckBox *createInfoFileBox; QCheckBox *createInfoFileBox;
QCheckBox *disableEpgBox;
QCheckBox *scanWhenIdleBox; QCheckBox *scanWhenIdleBox;
QPixmap validPixmap; QPixmap validPixmap;
QPixmap invalidPixmap; QPixmap invalidPixmap;
QLabel *namingFormatValidLabel; QLabel *namingFormatValidLabel;
QList<DvbConfigPage *> configPages; QList<DvbConfigPage *> configPages;
QLineEdit *actionAfterRecordingLineEdit; QLineEdit *actionAfterRecordingLineEdit;
QGridLayout *regexGrid; QGridLayout *regexGrid;
QList<RegexInputLine *> regexInputList; QList<RegexInputLine *> regexInputList;
}; };
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