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Source code changes of the file "src/org.kde.k3b.appdata.xml" between
k3b-19.12.0.tar.gz and k3b-19.12.1.tar.gz

About: K3b is a graphical optical disk (CD, DVD or BD) burning program (optimized for KDE).

org.kde.k3b.appdata.xml  (k3b-19.12.0):org.kde.k3b.appdata.xml  (k3b-19.12.1)
skipping to change at line 246 skipping to change at line 246
<screenshot type="default"> <screenshot type="default">
<image>https://www.kde.org/images/screenshots/k3b.png</image> <image>https://www.kde.org/images/screenshots/k3b.png</image>
</screenshot> </screenshot>
</screenshots> </screenshots>
<x-updatecontact>k3b@kde.org</x-updatecontact> <x-updatecontact>k3b@kde.org</x-updatecontact>
<project_group>KDE</project_group> <project_group>KDE</project_group>
<provides> <provides>
<binary>k3b</binary> <binary>k3b</binary>
</provides> </provides>
<releases> <releases>
<release version="19.12.1" date="2020-01-09"/>
<release version="19.12.0" date="2019-12-12"/> <release version="19.12.0" date="2019-12-12"/>
</releases> </releases>
</component> </component>
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