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Source code changes report for "John" between the packages
john-1.7.9-jumbo-7.tar.gz and john-1.8.0-jumbo-1.tar.gz

About: John - a password cracker (community-enhanced version with more features bu tlower overall quality).


The "John" source code changed by about 92.2% and now consists of 1072 files.

Changes In Files (According File Type):

File TypeTotalAddedRemovedChanged
Header file 232 111 10 88
C program 552 289 88 169
C++ program 1 0 1 0
Assembler program 24 9 7 6
Perl program 20 7 0 6
Python program 37 32 0 3
Shell program 9 7 0 2
Ruby program 1 0 0 0
Automake file 6 6 0 0
Configuration file 9 5 0 4
M4 macro file 12 12 0 0
Makefile 8 6 1 0
Symbolic link 1 0 0 0
Berkeley database 2 0 0 0
Command file 1 0 0 0
Configure script 1 1 0 0
Data List 1 0 0 1
Git file 1 1 0 0
SQL file 1 1 0 0
YAML file 1 1 0 0
Data file 15 10 1 0
Directory 16 10 0 0
Change log 3 0 0 2
Information file 19 2 0 15
License 4 2 0 1
Readme file 32 20 2 6
Text file 60 25 1 8
Other 3 1 0 0
Total Files1072558111311

Header Files (209 of 232):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/adl_defines.h added
src/adl_sdk.h added
src/adl_structures.h added
src/aes/aes.h added
src/aes/aes_func.h added
src/aes/aesni/iaes_asm_interface.h added
src/aes/aesni/iaesni.h added
src/aes/openssl/ossl_aes.h added
src/alghmac.h removed
src/aligned.h added
src/alpha.h changed 23.3% diff
src/arm32le.h added
src/autoconf_arch.h added
src/autoconfig.h.in added
src/base64.h changed 90.6% diff
src/base64_convert.h added
src/batch.h changed 57.5% diff
src/bench.h changed 24.2% diff
src/BF_std.h changed 38.7% diff
src/blake2-impl.h added
src/blake2.h added
src/blake2b-load-sse2.h added
src/blake2b-load-sse41.h added
src/blake2b-round.h added
src/blf.h added
src/blowfish.h changed 4.4% diff
src/charset.h changed 19.9% diff
src/common-gpu.h added
src/common-opencl.h changed 100.0% diff
src/common.h changed 38.8% diff
src/common_opencl_pbkdf2.h changed 28.2% diff
src/compiler.h changed 12.4% diff
src/config.h changed 5.1% diff
src/cracker.h changed 20.6% diff
src/crc32.h changed 79.4% diff
src/crypto_scrypt.h added
src/cryptsha256_common.h added
src/cryptsha512_common.h added
src/cuda_common.h changed 100.0% diff
src/cuda_cryptmd5.h changed 5.6% diff
src/cuda_cryptsha256.h changed 4.2% diff
src/cuda_cryptsha512.h changed 5.9% diff
src/cuda_mscash.h changed 11.8% diff
src/cuda_mscash2.h changed 1.4% diff
src/cuda_phpass.h changed 2.9% diff
src/cuda_pwsafe.h changed 42.2% diff
src/cuda_rawsha512.h changed 5.1% diff
src/cuda_wpapsk.h changed 4.4% diff
src/cuda_xsha512.h changed 6.1% diff
src/cygwin/ethernet.h added
src/DES_bs.h changed 28.3% diff
src/DES_std.h changed 17.3% diff
src/dyna_salt.h added
src/dynamic.h changed 100.0% diff
src/dynamic_types.h added
src/encoding_data.h changed 71.4% diff
src/escrypt/crypto_scrypt.h added
src/escrypt/scrypt_platform.h added
src/escrypt/sha256.h added
src/escrypt/sysendian.h added
src/external.h changed 19.4% diff
src/fake_salts.h added
src/feal8.h added
src/filevault.h added
src/formats.h changed 98.3% diff
src/getopt.h changed 16.6% diff
src/gladman_pwd2key.h changed 15.5% diff
src/gladman_sha1.h changed 9.7% diff
src/gost.h changed 19.6% diff
src/hmacmd5.h changed 24.9% diff
src/ia64.h changed 23.5% diff
src/idea-JtR.h added
src/idle.h changed 22.0% diff
src/ike-crack.h added
src/john-mpi.h changed 31.1% diff
src/john.h added
src/jtr_sha2.h added
src/jumbo.h added
src/KeccakDuplex.h added
src/KeccakF-1600-int-set.h added
src/KeccakF-1600-interface.h added
src/KeccakF-1600-opt32-settings.h added
src/KeccakF-1600-opt64-settings.h added
src/KeccakNISTInterface.h added
src/KeccakSponge.h added
src/KeyDBCracker.h removed
src/KRB5_std.h changed 7.5% diff
src/list.h changed 36.8% diff
src/listconf.h added
src/loader.h changed 35.3% diff
src/logger.h changed 18.1% diff
src/lowpbe.h removed
src/mask.h added
src/math.h changed 24.9% diff
src/md4.h changed 62.2% diff
src/md5.h changed 67.5% diff
src/MD5_std.h changed 8.7% diff
src/mdc2-JtR.h added
src/memdbg.h added
src/memory.h changed 100.0% diff
src/mips32.h changed 23.2% diff
src/mips64.h changed 23.2% diff
src/misc.h changed 70.1% diff
src/missing_getopt.h added
src/mozilla_des.h removed
src/opencl-autotune.h added
src/opencl_bf_std.h changed 60.7% diff
src/opencl_cryptsha256.h added
src/opencl_cryptsha512.h changed 77.6% diff
src/opencl_DES_bs.h added
src/opencl_DES_WGS.h added
src/opencl_device_info.h added
src/opencl_lotus5_fmt.h added
src/opencl_md4.h added
src/opencl_md5.h added
src/opencl_misc.h added
src/opencl_nonstd.h added
src/opencl_pbkdf1_hmac_sha1.h added
src/opencl_pbkdf2_hmac_sha1.h added
src/opencl_rar.h removed
src/opencl_rawsha256.h added
src/opencl_rawsha512.h added
src/opencl_rc4.h added
src/opencl_sboxes-s.h added
src/opencl_sboxes.h added
src/opencl_sha1.h added
src/opencl_sha2.h added
src/opencl_sha256.h added
src/opencl_sha2_common.h added
src/opencl_sha512.h added
src/opencl_unicode.h added
src/openssl_local_overrides.h added
src/options.h changed 100.0% diff
src/os-autoconf.h added
src/os.h added
src/pa-risc.h changed 27.0% diff
src/params.h changed 23.3% diff
src/path.h changed 13.8% diff
src/pbkdf2_hmac_ripemd160.h added
src/pbkdf2_hmac_sha1.h added
src/pbkdf2_hmac_sha256.h added
src/pbkdf2_hmac_sha512.h added
src/pbkdf2_hmac_whirlpool.h added
src/pdfcrack.h moved 1.9% diff
src/pdfcrack_common.h moved 5.7% diff
src/pdfcrack_rc4.h moved 0.0%
src/pdfparser.h moved 0.0%
src/pkzip.h changed 69.2% diff
src/plugin.h changed 32.7% diff
src/ppc32.h changed 23.0% diff
src/ppc32alt.h changed 26.2% diff
src/ppc64.h changed 23.0% diff
src/ppc64alt.h changed 26.2% diff
src/rar2john.h added
src/rar5_common.h added
src/rawSHA256_common.h added
src/rc4.h changed 26.3% diff
src/recovery.h changed 100.0% diff
src/regex.h added
src/rules.h changed 27.9% diff
src/scrypt_platform.h added
src/sha.h changed 99.0% diff
src/sha2.h added
src/signals.h changed 78.7% diff
src/SIPdump.h changed 4.2% diff
src/SKEY_jtr.h added
src/snefru.h added
src/sparc32.h changed 23.1% diff
src/sparc64.h changed 29.5% diff
src/sph_haval.h added
src/sph_md2.h added
src/sph_panama.h added
src/sph_ripemd.h added
src/sph_skein.h added
src/sph_tiger.h added
src/sph_types.h added
src/sph_whirlpool.h added
src/sse-intrinsics-load-flags.h added
src/sse-intrinsics.h changed 82.7% diff
src/status.h changed 71.9% diff
src/stdint.h changed 100.0% diff
src/syb-prop_repro.h added
src/sysendian.h added
src/tcphdr.h added
src/timer.h changed 10.2% diff
src/times.h changed 21.5% diff
src/tty.h changed 24.3% diff
src/twofish.h added
src/uaf_encode.h added
src/uaf_raw.h added
src/unicode.h changed 51.2% diff
src/unrarhlp.h changed 14.4% diff
src/unrarppm.h changed 4.3% diff
src/unused/fmt_registers.orig.h removed
src/vax.h changed 23.4% diff
src/vms_std.h added
src/Win32-dlfcn-port.h added
src/win32_memmap.h changed 8.5% diff
src/wordlist.h changed 41.0% diff
src/wpapcap2john.h added
src/wpapsk.h changed 82.7% diff
src/x86-64.h changed 32.9% diff
src/x86-any.h changed 18.7% diff
src/x86-mmx.h changed 32.2% diff
src/x86-sse.h changed 29.5% diff

C Programs (546 of 552):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/7z_fmt_plug.c added
src/aes/aes.c added
src/aes/aesni/intel_aes.c added
src/aes/openssl/ossl_aes.c added
src/aes/openssl/ossl_aes_crypto.c added
src/AFS_fmt.c changed 6.3% diff
src/agilekeychain_fmt_plug.c added
src/aix_smd5_fmt_plug.c added
src/aix_ssha_fmt_plug.c added
src/androidfde_fmt_plug.c added
src/asaMD5_fmt_plug.c added
src/base64.c changed 27.2% diff
src/base64_convert.c added
src/batch.c changed 29.3% diff
src/bcrypt_pbkdf_plug.c added
src/bench.c changed 63.9% diff
src/best.c changed 50.3% diff
src/BF_fmt.c changed 16.5% diff
src/BF_std.c changed 17.8% diff
src/BFEgg_fmt_plug.c changed 100.0% diff
src/bitcoin_fmt_plug.c added
src/blackberry_ES10_fmt_plug.c added
src/blake2b-ref_plug.c added
src/blake2b_plug.c added
src/blf_plug.c added
src/blockchain_fmt_plug.c added
src/blowfish.c changed 42.7% diff
src/BSDI_fmt.c changed 16.5% diff
src/c3_fmt.c changed 66.0% diff
src/calc_stat.c changed 33.8% diff
src/chap_fmt_plug.c added
src/charset.c changed 96.2% diff
src/citrix_ns_fmt_plug.c added
src/clipperz_srp_fmt_plug.c added
src/cloudkeychain_fmt_plug.c added
src/common-cuda.c added
src/common-gpu.c added
src/common-opencl.c changed 100.0% diff
src/common.c changed 43.9% diff
src/common_opencl_pbkdf2.c removed
src/common_opencl_pbkdf2_plug.c added
src/compiler.c changed 2.2% diff
src/config.c changed 16.7% diff
src/cprepair.c added
src/cq_fmt_plug.c added
src/cracker.c changed 100.0% diff
src/crc32.c changed 57.0% diff
src/crc32_fmt_plug.c changed 22.6% diff
src/crypt-sha1_fmt_plug.c added
src/cryptsha256_fmt.c removed
src/cryptsha256_fmt_plug.c added
src/cryptsha512_fmt.c renamed 37.0% diff
src/cuda/cryptmd5.cu changed 8.9% diff
src/cuda/cryptsha256.cu changed 3.2% diff
src/cuda/cryptsha512.cu changed 2.7% diff
src/cuda/cuda_common.cu changed 99.8% diff
src/cuda/cuda_common.cuh changed 8.7% diff
src/cuda/mscash.cu changed 13.4% diff
src/cuda/mscash2.cu changed 5.7% diff
src/cuda/phpass.cu changed 5.1% diff
src/cuda/pwsafe.cu changed 100.0% diff
src/cuda/rawsha256.cu changed 2.0% diff
src/cuda/rawsha512.cu changed 10.0% diff
src/cuda/wpapsk.cu changed 18.2% diff
src/cuda/xsha512.cu changed 1.9% diff
src/cuda_cryptmd5_fmt.c renamed 30.0% diff
src/cuda_cryptsha256_fmt.c renamed 20.8% diff
src/cuda_cryptsha512_fmt.c renamed 38.7% diff
src/cuda_mscash2_fmt.c renamed 55.8% diff
src/cuda_mscash_fmt.c renamed 49.1% diff
src/cuda_phpass_fmt.c renamed 32.1% diff
src/cuda_pwsafe_fmt.c renamed 60.7% diff
src/cuda_rawsha256_fmt.c changed 66.0% diff
src/cuda_rawsha512_fmt.c renamed 75.6% diff
src/cuda_wpapsk_fmt.c renamed 56.8% diff
src/cuda_xsha512_fmt.c renamed 14.0% diff
src/dahua_fmt_plug.c added
src/DES_bs.c changed 26.2% diff
src/DES_bs_b.c changed 25.4% diff
src/DES_fmt.c changed 19.5% diff
src/DES_std.c changed 3.6% diff
src/detect.c changed 11.1% diff
src/django_fmt.c renamed 80.3% diff
src/django_scrypt_fmt_plug.c added
src/DMD5_fmt_plug.c changed 100.0% diff
src/dmg2john.c added
src/dmg_fmt_plug.c added
src/DOMINOSEC_fmt_plug.c changed 100.0% diff
src/dragonfly3_fmt.c renamed 22.9% diff
src/dragonfly4_fmt.c renamed 22.6% diff
src/drupal7_fmt.c renamed 27.1% diff
src/dummy.c changed 50.1% diff
src/dyna_salt.c added
src/dynamic_big_crypt.c added
src/dynamic_fmt.c changed 55.9% diff
src/dynamic_parser.c changed 83.3% diff
src/dynamic_preloads.c changed 100.0% diff
src/dynamic_utils.c changed 8.9% diff
src/ecryptfs_fmt_plug.c added
src/efs_fmt_plug.c added
src/eigrp_fmt_plug.c added
src/encfs_fmt_plug.c added
src/EPI_fmt_plug.c changed 75.4% diff
src/episerver_fmt.c renamed 28.3% diff
src/escrypt/crypto_scrypt-best.c added
src/escrypt/crypto_scrypt-common.c added
src/escrypt/crypto_scrypt-nosse.c added
src/escrypt/crypto_scrypt-ref.c added
src/escrypt/crypto_scrypt-sse.c added
src/escrypt/scrypt_platform.c added
src/escrypt/sha256.c added
src/escrypt/tests.c added
src/external.c changed 57.8% diff
src/fake_salts.c changed 100.0% diff
src/feal8_plug.c added
src/FGT_fmt_plug.c added
src/formats.c changed 100.0% diff
src/formspring_fmt_plug.c added
src/genmkvpwd.c changed 23.8% diff
src/getopt.c changed 44.0% diff
src/gladman_hmac.c changed 0.4% diff
src/gladman_pwd2key.c changed 25.2% diff
src/gost.c added
src/gost_fmt_plug.c changed 14.4% diff
src/gost_plug.c removed
src/gpg2john.c added
src/gpg_fmt_plug.c added
src/haval_fmt_plug.c added
src/haval_helper.c added
src/haval_plug.c added
src/hccap2john.c changed 100.0% diff
src/HDAA_fmt_plug.c changed 12.1% diff
src/hmacmd5.c changed 0.4% diff
src/hmacMD5_fmt.c removed
src/hmacMD5_fmt_plug.c added
src/hmacSHA1_fmt.c removed
src/hmacSHA1_fmt_plug.c added
src/hmacSHA224_fmt.c renamed 74.2% diff
src/hmacSHA256_fmt.c removed
src/hmacSHA256_fmt_plug.c added
src/hmacSHA384_fmt.c renamed 72.2% diff
src/hmacSHA512_fmt.c renamed 65.7% diff
src/hmailserver_fmt.c renamed 29.9% diff
src/hsrp_fmt_plug.c added
src/idea_plug.c added
src/idle.c changed 7.8% diff
src/ike_fmt_plug.c added
src/inc.c changed 64.9% diff
src/IPB2_fmt_plug.c changed 21.1% diff
src/john-mpi.c changed 81.2% diff
src/john.c changed 81.0% diff
src/jumbo.c added
src/KeccakDuplex_plug.c added
src/KeccakF-1600-opt32_plug.c added
src/KeccakF-1600-opt64_plug.c added
src/KeccakNISTInterface_plug.c added
src/KeccakSponge_plug.c added
src/keepass2john.c changed 44.4% diff
src/keepass_fmt.c renamed 63.2% diff
src/keychain2john.c changed 25.4% diff
src/keychain_fmt_plug.c changed 62.2% diff
src/KeyDBCracker.c removed
src/keyring2john.c added
src/keyring_fmt_plug.c added
src/keystore2john.c added
src/keystore_fmt_plug.c added
src/known_hosts_fmt_plug.c added
src/KRB4_fmt_plug.c changed 20.5% diff
src/KRB4_std_plug.c changed 3.3% diff
src/krb5-18_fmt_plug.c added
src/KRB5_fmt_plug.c changed 23.8% diff
src/KRB5_std_plug.c changed 12.0% diff
src/krb5pa-md5_fmt_plug.c added
src/krb5pa-sha1_fmt_plug.c added
src/kwallet2john.c added
src/kwallet_fmt_plug.c added
src/lastpass_sniffed_fmt_plug.c added
src/list.c changed 27.1% diff
src/listconf.c added
src/LM_fmt.c changed 25.8% diff
src/loader.c changed 95.7% diff
src/logger.c changed 62.7% diff
src/lotus5_fmt_plug.c changed 55.6% diff
src/lotus85_fmt_plug.c added
src/lowpbe.c removed
src/luks2john.c added
src/luks_fmt_plug.c added
src/mask.c added
src/math.c changed 10.3% diff
src/md2_fmt_plug.c added
src/md2_plug.c added
src/md4.c changed 1.0% diff
src/md4_gen_fmt_plug.c changed 19.0% diff
src/md5.c changed 0.8% diff
src/md5_eq.c moved 0.0%
src/MD5_fmt.c changed 23.0% diff
src/md5_go.c changed 4.6% diff
src/MD5_std.c changed 2.5% diff
src/md_helper.c added
src/mdc2_fmt_plug.c added
src/mdc2dgst_plug.c added
src/mediawiki_fmt_plug.c changed 34.7% diff
src/memdbg.c added
src/memory.c changed 100.0% diff
src/misc.c changed 29.9% diff
src/missing_getopt.c added
src/mkv.c changed 30.1% diff
src/mkvcalcproba.c changed 27.0% diff
src/mkvlib.c changed 6.7% diff
src/mmap-windows.c added
src/mongodb_fmt_plug.c added
src/mozilla2john.c removed
src/mozilla_des.c removed
src/mozilla_fmt.c removed
src/mozilla_ng_fmt_plug.c added
src/mscash1_fmt_plug.c changed 23.5% diff
src/mscash2_fmt_plug.c changed 24.7% diff
src/MSCHAPv2_bs_fmt_plug.c added
src/MSCHAPv2_fmt_plug.c removed
src/mskrb5_fmt_plug.c removed
src/mssql-old_fmt_plug.c changed 18.0% diff
src/mssql05_fmt_plug.c changed 16.3% diff
src/mssql12_fmt_plug.c added
src/mysql_fmt_plug.c changed 31.7% diff
src/mysql_netauth_fmt_plug.c added
src/mysqlSHA1_fmt_plug.c changed 23.7% diff
src/net_md5_fmt_plug.c added
src/net_sha1_fmt_plug.c added
src/NETLM_fmt_plug.c changed 21.3% diff
src/NETLMv2_fmt_plug.c changed 24.2% diff
src/NETNTLM_fmt_plug.c renamed 59.7% diff
src/NETNTLMv2_fmt_plug.c changed 21.2% diff
src/NETSPLITLM_fmt_plug.c changed 32.7% diff
src/nonstd.c changed 0.1% diff
src/NS_fmt_plug.c changed 23.6% diff
src/nsldap_fmt_plug.c changed 20.5% diff
src/nt2_fmt_plug.c changed 19.5% diff
src/NT_fmt_plug.c changed 16.2% diff
src/ntlmv1_mschapv2_fmt_plug.c added
src/nukedclan_fmt_plug.c added
src/o5logon_fmt_plug.c added
src/odf_fmt_plug.c changed 100.0% diff
src/office2john.c removed
src/office_fmt_plug.c changed 100.0% diff
src/oldoffice_fmt_plug.c added
src/openbsdsoftraid_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl/7z_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/bf_cpu_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/cryptsha256_kernel_DEFAULT.cl added
src/opencl/cryptsha256_kernel_GPU.cl added
src/opencl/cryptsha512_kernel_AMD.cl removed
src/opencl/cryptsha512_kernel_CPU.cl removed
src/opencl/cryptsha512_kernel_DEFAULT.cl changed 64.2% diff
src/opencl/cryptsha512_kernel_GCN.cl added
src/opencl/cryptsha512_kernel_GPU.cl added
src/opencl/cryptsha512_kernel_NVIDIA.cl removed
src/opencl/DES_bs_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/gpg_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/keyring_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/krb5pa-md5_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/lotus5_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/ntlmv2_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/o5logon_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/office2007_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/office2010_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/office2013_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/oldoffice_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/pbkdf1_hmac_sha1_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/pbkdf2_hmac_sha1_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/pbkdf2_hmac_sha1_unsplit_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/pbkdf2_hmac_sha256_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/pbkdf2_hmac_sha512_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/rakp_kernel.cl added
src/opencl/rar_kernel.cl changed 100.0% diff
src/opencl_7z_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_agilekeychain_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_autotune.c added
src/opencl_bf_fmt.c renamed 55.4% diff
src/opencl_bf_std.c removed
src/opencl_bf_std_plug.c added
src/opencl_blockchain_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_cryptmd5_fmt.c renamed 83.5% diff
src/opencl_cryptsha256_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_cryptsha512_fmt.c removed
src/opencl_cryptsha512_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_DES_bs_b_plug.c added
src/opencl_DES_bs_plug.c added
src/opencl_DES_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_dmg_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_encfs_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_gpg_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_keychain_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_keyring_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_krb5pa-md5_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_krb5pa-sha1_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_lotus5_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_mscash2_fmt.c removed
src/opencl_mscash2_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_mysqlsha1_fmt.c removed
src/opencl_mysqlsha1_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_nsldaps_fmt.c renamed 68.1% diff
src/opencl_nt_fmt.c renamed 45.8% diff
src/opencl_ntlmv2_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_o5logon_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_odf_aes_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_odf_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_office2007_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_office2010_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_office2013_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_oldoffice_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_pbkdf2_hmac_sha1_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_pbkdf2_hmac_sha256_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_pbkdf2_hmac_sha512_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_phpass_fmt.c renamed 42.3% diff
src/opencl_pwsafe_fmt.c removed
src/opencl_pwsafe_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_rakp_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_rar5_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_rar_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_rawmd4_fmt.c removed
src/opencl_rawmd4_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_rawmd5_fmt.c removed
src/opencl_rawmd5_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_rawsha1_fmt.c renamed 81.1% diff
src/opencl_rawsha256_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_rawsha512_fmt.c removed
src/opencl_rawsha512_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_sha1crypt_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_sha2_common_plug.c added
src/opencl_strip_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_sxc_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_wpapsk_fmt.c removed
src/opencl_wpapsk_fmt_plug.c added
src/opencl_xsha512_fmt.c removed
src/opencl_zip_fmt_plug.c added
src/openssl_enc_fmt_plug.c added
src/options.c changed 100.0% diff
src/oracle11_fmt_plug.c changed 15.7% diff
src/oracle_fmt_plug.c changed 31.0% diff
src/osc_fmt_plug.c changed 30.8% diff
src/panama_fmt_plug.c added
src/panama_plug.c added
src/para-best.c changed 14.2% diff
src/params.c changed 30.4% diff
src/path.c changed 6.7% diff
src/pbkdf2-hmac-sha1_fmt_plug.c added
src/pbkdf2-hmac-sha512_fmt_plug.c added
src/pbkdf2_hmac_sha256_fmt_plug.c added
src/pdf2john.c moved 7.7% diff
src/pdf_fmt.c moved 65.8% diff
src/pdf_fmt_plug.c added
src/pdfcrack.c moved 22.5% diff
src/pdfcrack_common.c moved 14.7% diff
src/pdfcrack_md5.c renamed 47.0% diff
src/pdfcrack_rc4.c moved 0.0%
src/pdfparser.c removed
src/pfx2john.c added
src/pfx_fmt_plug.c added
src/phpassMD5_fmt_plug.c changed 18.0% diff
src/PHPS_fmt_plug.c changed 29.8% diff
src/pixMD5_fmt_plug.c changed 27.5% diff
src/pkzip_fmt_plug.c changed 14.8% diff
src/pkzip_plug.c added
src/plugin.c changed 11.0% diff
src/PO_fmt_plug.c changed 18.8% diff
src/postgres_fmt_plug.c added
src/pst_fmt_plug.c added
src/putty2john.c added
src/putty_fmt_plug.c added
src/pwsafe2john.c changed 8.0% diff
src/pwsafe_fmt.c removed
src/pwsafe_fmt_plug.c added
src/racf2john.c changed 8.7% diff
src/racf_fmt_plug.c changed 16.1% diff
src/radmin_fmt_plug.c added
src/rakp_fmt_plug.c added
src/rar2john.c changed 100.0% diff
src/rar5_fmt_plug.c added
src/rar_fmt.c renamed 62.4% diff
src/raw2dyna.c changed 100.0% diff
src/rawBLAKE2_512_fmt_plug.c added
src/rawKeccak_256_fmt_plug.c added
src/rawKeccak_512_fmt_plug.c added
src/rawMD4_fmt_plug.c changed 66.2% diff
src/rawMD5_fmt_plug.c changed 76.1% diff
src/rawmd5u_fmt_plug.c changed 16.4% diff
src/rawSHA0_fmt.c renamed 21.6% diff
src/rawSHA1_fmt_plug.c changed 72.8% diff
src/rawSHA1_linkedIn_fmt_plug.c changed 36.5% diff
src/rawSHA1_ng_fmt.c renamed 21.9% diff
src/rawSHA224_fmt.c removed
src/rawSHA224_fmt_plug.c added
src/rawSHA256_fmt.c removed
src/rawSHA256_fmt_plug.c added
src/rawSHA256_ng_fmt_plug.c added
src/rawSHA384_fmt.c removed
src/rawSHA384_fmt_plug.c added
src/rawSHA512_fmt.c removed
src/rawSHA512_fmt_plug.c added
src/rawSHA512_ng_fmt_plug.c added
src/rc4.c changed 76.8% diff
src/recovery.c changed 100.0% diff
src/regex.c added
src/ripemd_fmt_plug.c added
src/ripemd_plug.c added
src/rpp.c changed 17.8% diff
src/rsvp_fmt_plug.c added
src/rules.c changed 62.2% diff
src/salted_sha1_fmt_plug.c changed 54.5% diff
src/sapB_fmt_plug.c changed 17.7% diff
src/sapG_fmt_plug.c changed 27.8% diff
src/scrypt_fmt.c added
src/sha1_gen_fmt_plug.c changed 18.2% diff
src/sha2.c added
src/siemens-s7_fmt_plug.c added
src/signals.c changed 87.4% diff
src/single.c changed 28.0% diff
src/sip_fmt_plug.c changed 53.6% diff
src/SIPdump.c changed 4.7% diff
src/skein_fmt_plug.c added
src/skein_plug.c added
src/SKEY_fmt.c renamed 55.3% diff
src/SKEY_jtr_plug.c added
src/snefru_fmt_plug.c added
src/snefru_plug.c added
src/sse-intrinsics.c changed 100.0% diff
src/ssh2john.c changed 3.2% diff
src/ssh_fmt.c renamed 6.1% diff
src/ssh_ng_fmt_plug.c added
src/ssha512_fmt_plug.c added
src/status.c changed 80.0% diff
src/strip_fmt_plug.c added
src/sunmd5_fmt_plug.c added
src/sxc_fmt_plug.c added
src/syb-prop_repro_plug.c added
src/SybaseASE_fmt.c renamed 35.7% diff
src/SybasePROP_fmt_plug.c added
src/symlink.c changed 30.5% diff
src/tcp_md5_fmt_plug.c added
src/tgtsnarf.c changed 9.5% diff
src/tiger_fmt_plug.c added
src/tiger_plug.c added
src/timer.c changed 21.7% diff
src/trip_fmt.c changed 24.4% diff
src/truecrypt_fmt_plug.c added
src/truecrypt_volume2john.c added
src/tty.c changed 18.1% diff
src/twofish_plug.c added
src/uaf2john.c added
src/uaf_encode_plug.c added
src/uaf_hash.c added
src/unafs.c changed 11.0% diff
src/undrop.c changed 10.6% diff
src/unicode.c changed 46.7% diff
src/unique.c changed 2.0% diff
src/unrar.c changed 11.6% diff
src/unrarcmd.c changed 1.3% diff
src/unrarfilter.c changed 7.1% diff
src/unrarhlp.c changed 23.3% diff
src/unrarppm.c changed 5.4% diff
src/unrarvm.c changed 4.3% diff
src/unshadow.c changed 5.2% diff
src/unused/bwtdt_fmt_plug.c added
src/unused/cram-md5_fmt_plug.c added
src/unused/crc32-calculator.c changed 2.1% diff
src/unused/lastpass_fmt_plug.c added
src/unused/md5_broken_fmt_plug.c added
src/unused/mscash2_fmt_plug.c removed
src/unused/MSCHAPv2_old_fmt_plug.c added
src/unused/MYSQL_fmt_plug.c removed
src/unused/NSLDAP_fmt_plug.c removed
src/unused/NSLDAPS_fmt_plug.c removed
src/unused/opencl_rawsha512_fmt_plug.c added
src/unused/opencl_xsha512_fmt_plug.c added
src/unused/OPENLDAPS_fmt_plug.c removed
src/unused/pdf/pdfparser.c added
src/unused/phpassMD5_fmt_orig.c removed
src/unused/PHPS_fmt_orig.c removed
src/unused/pixMD5_fmt_plug.c removed
src/unused/rarinfo.c changed 0.4% diff
src/unused/rawMD5_thin_fmt_plug.c removed
src/unused/rawmd5u_thin_fmt_plug.c removed
src/unused/rawMD5unicode_fmt_plug.c removed
src/unused/sha512_kernel.cl added
src/unused/weird_another_fmt_plug.c added
src/unused/weird_fmt_plug.c added
src/vms_fmt_plug.c added
src/vnc_fmt_plug.c changed 52.3% diff
src/vncpcap2john.c added
src/vtp_fmt_plug.c added
src/wbb3_fmt_plug.c changed 22.6% diff
src/whirlpool_fmt_plug.c added
src/whirlpool_plug.c added
src/win32_memmap.c changed 7.9% diff
src/wordlist.c changed 100.0% diff
src/wow_srp_fmt_plug.c added
src/wpapcap2john.c added
src/wpapsk_fmt.c removed
src/wpapsk_fmt_plug.c added
src/XSHA512_fmt.c renamed 27.4% diff
src/XSHA_fmt_plug.c changed 13.2% diff
src/zip2john.c changed 56.5% diff
src/zip_fmt.c removed
src/zip_fmt_plug.c added

C++ Programs (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/vncpcap2john.cpp removed

Assembler Programs (22 of 24):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/aes/aesni/asm/x64/do_rdtsc.s added
src/aes/aesni/asm/x64/iaesx64.s added
src/aes/aesni/asm/x86/do_rdtsc.s added
src/aes/aesni/asm/x86/iaesx86.s added
src/alpha.S changed 2.4% diff
src/john.asm changed 6.9% diff
src/md4-mmx.S moved 4.5% diff
src/md5-mmx.S moved 4.3% diff
src/sha1-mmx.S moved 4.1% diff
src/sse-intrinsics-32.S changed skipped
src/sse-intrinsics-64.S changed skipped
src/stages_mmx_md5.S moved 0.0%
src/stages_sse2_md5.S moved 0.0%
src/unused/x86-64.orig.S removed
src/unused/x86-sse.orig.S removed
src/x86-64.S changed 18.9% diff
src/x86-mmx.S changed 15.5% diff
src/x86-sse.S changed 13.2% diff
src/x86.S changed 0.8% diff

Perl Programs (13 of 20):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
run/aix2john.pl added
run/benchmark-unify changed 100.0% diff
run/cisco2john.pl added
run/hextoraw.pl added
run/ios7tojohn.pl added
run/leet.pl added
run/pass_gen.pl changed 97.8% diff
run/relbench changed 38.7% diff
run/rexgen2rules.pl added
run/sap2john.pl changed 6.7% diff
src/para-best.pl changed 21.0% diff
src/sse2i_winfix.pl changed 4.7% diff
src/unused/plugify.pl added

Python Programs (35 of 37):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
run/1password2john.py added
run/7z2john.py added
run/aix2john.py added
run/androidfde2john.py added
run/apex2john.py added
run/bitcoin2john.py added
run/blockchain2john.py added
run/cracf2john.py changed 37.7% diff
run/dmg2john.py added
run/ecryptfs2john.py added
run/efs2john.py added
run/encfs2john.py added
run/htdigest2john.py added
run/ikescan2john.py added
run/kdcdump2john.py added
run/keychain2john.py added
run/keystore2john.py added
run/known_hosts2john.py added
run/kwallet2john.py added
run/lotus2john.py added
run/mcafee_epo2john.py added
run/ml2john.py added
run/mozilla2john.py added
run/odf2john.py changed 66.8% diff
run/office2john.py added
run/openbsd_softraid2john.py added
run/openssl2john.py added
run/pcap2john.py added
run/pdf2john.py added
run/sipdump2john.py changed 63.0% diff
run/ssh2sshng.py added
run/sshng2john.py added
run/strip2john.py added
run/sxc2john.py added
src/unused/lastpass2john.py added

Shell Programs (all 9):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
run/mailer changed 19.2% diff
run/makechr added
src/best.sh changed 6.0% diff
src/compile added
src/config.guess added
src/config.sub added
src/install-sh added
src/osx_as_wrapper.sh added
src/unused/analisa_test_runner.sh added

Automake Files (all 6):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/aes/aesni/Makefile.in added
src/aes/Makefile.in added
src/aes/openssl/Makefile.in added
src/configure.ac added
src/escrypt/Makefile.in added
src/Makefile.in added

Configuration Files (all 9):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
run/dumb16.conf changed 1.1% diff
run/dumb32.conf changed 0.8% diff
run/dynamic.conf changed 100.0% diff
run/dynamic_flat_sse_formats.conf added
run/john.conf changed 100.0% diff
run/korelogic.conf added
run/regex_alphabets.conf added
run/repeats16.conf added
run/repeats32.conf added

M4 Macro Files (all 12):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/m4/ax_check_gnu_make.m4 added
src/m4/ax_lang_compiler_ms.m4 added
src/m4/ax_opencl.m4 added
src/m4/ax_prog_cc_mpi.m4 added
src/m4/ax_pthread.m4 added
src/m4/jtr_generic_logic.m4 added
src/m4/jtr_local_conf.m4 added
src/m4/jtr_specific_configure_help_message.m4 added
src/m4/jtr_systems_specific_logic.m4 added
src/m4/jtr_utility_macros.m4 added
src/m4/jtr_x86_logic.m4 added
src/m4/pkg.m4 added

Makefiles (7 of 8):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/aes/aesni/Makefile.legacy added
src/aes/Makefile.legacy added
src/aes/openssl/Makefile.legacy added
src/escrypt/Makefile.legacy added
src/Makefile removed
src/Makefile.legacy added
src/Makefile.stub added

Configure Scripts (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/configure added

Data Lists (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
run/password.lst changed 0.9% diff

Git Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
.gitignore added

SQL Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/unused/dump-apex-hashes.sql added

YAML Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
.travis.yml added

Data Files (11 of 15):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
run/all.chr removed
run/alnum.chr changed skipped
run/alnumspace.chr added
run/alpha.chr changed skipped
run/ascii.chr added
run/lanman.chr changed skipped
run/latin1.chr added
run/lm_ascii.chr added
run/lower.chr added
run/lowernum.chr added
run/lowerspace.chr added
run/upper.chr added
run/uppernum.chr added
run/utf8.chr added

Directories (10 of 16):

src/aes added
src/aes/aesni added
src/aes/aesni/asm added
src/aes/aesni/asm/x64 added
src/aes/aesni/asm/x86 added
src/aes/openssl added
src/cygwin added
src/escrypt added
src/m4 added
src/unused/pdf added

Change Logs (2 of 3):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/CHANGES changed 20.7% diff
doc/CHANGES-jumbo.git changed 100.0% diff

Information Files (17 of 19):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/BUGS changed 54.5% diff
doc/CONFIG changed 45.3% diff
doc/CONTACT changed 33.4% diff
doc/DYNAMIC changed 13.4% diff
doc/DYNAMIC_SCRIPTING changed 5.0% diff
doc/ENCODINGS changed 100.0% diff
doc/EXAMPLES changed 8.7% diff
doc/EXTERNAL changed 29.7% diff
doc/FAQ changed 89.9% diff
doc/INSTALL changed 100.0% diff
doc/MARKOV changed 46.5% diff
doc/MASK added
doc/MODES changed 21.8% diff
doc/OFFICE changed 100.0% diff
doc/OPTIONS changed 56.5% diff
doc/RULES changed 4.1% diff

Licenses (3 of 4):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/COPYING added
doc/LICENSE changed 100.0% diff
src/aes/aesni/LICENSE added

Readme Files (28 of 32):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/EPi.patch.README removed
doc/NETNTLM_README changed 1.0% diff
doc/pcap2john.readme added
doc/README changed 19.3% diff
doc/README-CUDA changed 100.0% diff
doc/README-krb5-18-23 added
doc/README.apex added
doc/README.Apple_DMG added
doc/README.bash-completion changed 2.7% diff
doc/README.bitcoin added
doc/README.cprepair added
doc/README.format-epi added
doc/README.FreeBSD added
doc/README.gpg added
doc/README.ios7 added
doc/README.keychain added
doc/README.keyring added
doc/README.keystore added
doc/README.kwallet added
doc/README.librexgen added
doc/README.LotusNotes added
doc/README.LUKS added
doc/README.MinGW added
doc/README.mpi changed 93.5% diff
doc/README.opencl removed
doc/README.ssh added
README-jumbo changed 58.1% diff

Text Files (34 of 60):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
.mailmap added
doc/AddressSanitizer-HOWTO.txt added
doc/CREDITS-jumbo changed 100.0% diff
doc/dynamic_history.txt added
doc/john-1.7.9-jumbo-7-licensing-stats.txt added
doc/john-1.7.9-jumbo-7-licensing.txt added
doc/Kerberos-Auditing-HOWTO.md added
doc/pass_gen.Manifest changed 87.9% diff
doc/Regen-Lost-Salts.txt added
doc/SecureMode-tutorial.md added
run/john.bash_completion changed 79.0% diff
run/john.zsh_completion added
src/KeccakF-1600-32-s1.macros added
src/KeccakF-1600-32-s2.macros added
src/KeccakF-1600-32.macros added
src/KeccakF-1600-64.macros added
src/KeccakF-1600-simd128.macros added
src/KeccakF-1600-simd64.macros added
src/KeccakF-1600-unrolling.macros added
src/KeccakF-1600-xop.macros added
src/opencl/nt_kernel.cl changed 2.7% diff
src/opencl/pbkdf2_kernel.cl changed 90.3% diff
src/opencl/phpass_kernel.cl changed 4.5% diff
src/opencl/ssha_kernel.cl changed 6.5% diff
src/opencl/xsha512_kernel.cl removed
src/unused/apex-hashes-JtR added
src/unused/apex-hashes.txt added
src/unused/eigrp-sample-hashes added
src/unused/ike-scan-hashes.txt added
src/unused/ikedump added
src/unused/mldump added
src/unused/pdfdump changed 100.0% diff
src/unused/pdfdump_old added
src/unused/pstdump added

Other Files (1 of 3):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/unused/vms_tst.uaf added

Packages Compared:


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