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Source code changes of the file "ironic/db/sqlalchemy/api.py" between
ironic-17.0.2.tar.gz and ironic-17.0.3.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Ironic (Optional Service: Bare-Metal Provisioning) aims to provision bare metal machines instead of virtual machines, forked from the Nova baremetal driver.
The "Wallaby" series (latest release).

api.py  (ironic-17.0.2):api.py  (ironic-17.0.3)
skipping to change at line 292 skipping to change at line 292
for i in b: for i in b:
yield None, i yield None, i
@profiler.trace_cls("db_api") @profiler.trace_cls("db_api")
class Connection(api.Connection): class Connection(api.Connection):
"""SqlAlchemy connection.""" """SqlAlchemy connection."""
_NODE_QUERY_FIELDS = {'console_enabled', 'maintenance', 'retired', _NODE_QUERY_FIELDS = {'console_enabled', 'maintenance', 'retired',
'driver', 'resource_class', 'provision_state', 'driver', 'resource_class', 'provision_state',
'uuid', 'id', 'fault', 'conductor_group', 'uuid', 'id', 'fault', 'conductor_group',
'owner', 'lessee'} 'owner', 'lessee', 'instance_uuid'}
_NODE_IN_QUERY_FIELDS = {'%s_in' % field: field _NODE_IN_QUERY_FIELDS = {'%s_in' % field: field
for field in ('uuid', 'provision_state')} for field in ('uuid', 'provision_state')}
_NODE_NON_NULL_FILTERS = {'associated': 'instance_uuid', _NODE_NON_NULL_FILTERS = {'associated': 'instance_uuid',
'reserved': 'reservation', 'reserved': 'reservation',
'with_power_state': 'power_state'} 'with_power_state': 'power_state'}
_NODE_FILTERS = ({'chassis_uuid', 'reserved_by_any_of', _NODE_FILTERS = ({'chassis_uuid', 'reserved_by_any_of',
'provisioned_before', 'inspection_started_before', 'provisioned_before', 'inspection_started_before',
'description_contains', 'project'} 'description_contains', 'project'}
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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