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Source code changes of the file "ironic/common/pxe_utils.py" between
ironic-17.0.2.tar.gz and ironic-17.0.3.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Ironic (Optional Service: Bare-Metal Provisioning) aims to provision bare metal machines instead of virtual machines, forked from the Nova baremetal driver.
The "Wallaby" series (latest release).

pxe_utils.py  (ironic-17.0.2):pxe_utils.py  (ironic-17.0.3)
skipping to change at line 815 skipping to change at line 815
return pxe_opts return pxe_opts
def build_extra_pxe_options(task=None, ramdisk_params=None): def build_extra_pxe_options(task=None, ramdisk_params=None):
# Enable debug in IPA according to CONF.debug if it was not # Enable debug in IPA according to CONF.debug if it was not
# specified yet # specified yet
pxe_append_params = CONF.pxe.pxe_append_params pxe_append_params = CONF.pxe.pxe_append_params
if CONF.debug and 'ipa-debug' not in pxe_append_params: if CONF.debug and 'ipa-debug' not in pxe_append_params:
pxe_append_params += ' ipa-debug=1' pxe_append_params += ' ipa-debug=1'
if ramdisk_params: if ramdisk_params:
pxe_append_params += ' ' + ' '.join('%s=%s' % tpl pxe_append_params += ' ' + ' '.join(
for tpl in ramdisk_params.items()) ('%s=%s' % tpl) if tpl[1] is not None else tpl[0]
for tpl in ramdisk_params.items())
if task and task.context.global_id: if task and task.context.global_id:
pxe_append_params += ( pxe_append_params += (
' ipa-global-request-id=%s' % task.context.global_id) ' ipa-global-request-id=%s' % task.context.global_id)
return {'pxe_append_params': pxe_append_params, return {'pxe_append_params': pxe_append_params,
'tftp_server': CONF.pxe.tftp_server, 'tftp_server': CONF.pxe.tftp_server,
'ipxe_timeout': CONF.pxe.ipxe_timeout * 1000} 'ipxe_timeout': CONF.pxe.ipxe_timeout * 1000}
def build_pxe_config_options(task, pxe_info, service=False, def build_pxe_config_options(task, pxe_info, service=False,
ipxe_enabled=False, ramdisk_params=None): ipxe_enabled=False, ramdisk_params=None):
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