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Source code changes of the file "ironic/drivers/modules/drac/raid.py" between
ironic-16.0.2.tar.gz and ironic-16.0.3.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Ironic (Optional Service: Bare-Metal Provisioning) aims to provision bare metal machines instead of virtual machines, forked from the Nova baremetal driver.
The "Victoria" series (latest release).

raid.py  (ironic-16.0.2):raid.py  (ironic-16.0.3)
skipping to change at line 1459 skipping to change at line 1459
finished_config_job_ids = [] finished_config_job_ids = []
driver_internal_info = node.driver_internal_info driver_internal_info = node.driver_internal_info
unfinished_job_ids = [job_id for job_id unfinished_job_ids = [job_id for job_id
in driver_internal_info['raid_config_job_ids'] in driver_internal_info['raid_config_job_ids']
if job_id not in finished_config_job_ids] if job_id not in finished_config_job_ids]
driver_internal_info['raid_config_job_ids'] = unfinished_job_ids driver_internal_info['raid_config_job_ids'] = unfinished_job_ids
node.driver_internal_info = driver_internal_info node.driver_internal_info = driver_internal_info
node.save() node.save()
def _set_failed(self, task, config_job): def _set_failed(self, task, config_job):
LOG.error("RAID configuration job failed for node %(node)s. " error_msg = (_("Failed config job: %(config_job_id)s. "
"Failed config job: %(config_job_id)s. " "Message: '%(message)s'.") %
"Message: '%(message)s'.", {'config_job_id': config_job.id,
{'node': task.node.uuid, 'config_job_id': config_job.id, 'message': config_job.message})
'message': config_job.message}) log_msg = ("RAID configuration job failed for node %(node)s. "
task.node.last_error = config_job.message "%(error)s" %
task.process_event('fail') {'node': task.node.uuid, 'error': error_msg})
if task.node.clean_step:
manager_utils.cleaning_error_handler(task, error_msg)
manager_utils.deploying_error_handler(task, log_msg, error_msg)
def _resume(self, task): def _resume(self, task):
raid_common.update_raid_info( raid_common.update_raid_info(
task.node, self.get_logical_disks(task)) task.node, self.get_logical_disks(task))
if task.node.clean_step: if task.node.clean_step:
manager_utils.notify_conductor_resume_clean(task) manager_utils.notify_conductor_resume_clean(task)
else: else:
manager_utils.notify_conductor_resume_deploy(task) manager_utils.notify_conductor_resume_deploy(task)
def _delete_configuration_no_commit(self, task): def _delete_configuration_no_commit(self, task):
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
7 lines changed or deleted 11 lines changed or added

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