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Source code changes of the file "dist/standard/include/checkout/tax_popup" between
interchange-5.8.2.tar.gz and interchange-5.10.0.tar.gz

About: Interchange is an Electronic commerce system (supports SSL, PGP/GPG).

tax_popup  (interchange-5.8.2):tax_popup  (interchange-5.10.0)
[if config SalesTax ne multi] [if config SalesTax ne multi]
<script> // JavaScript Form Validation Demo // by Paul Colton <script>
function check_tax(form) { function check_tax(form) {
// Make sure the email field is not blank
var foundState = false; var foundState = false;
[calc] [calc]
if($Variable->{TAXCOUNTRY}) { if($Variable->{TAXCOUNTRY}) {
return q{var ch = 'NEVAIRBE';} return q{var ch = 'NEVAIRBE';}
unless $Variable->{TAXCOUNTRY} =~ /\b$Val ues->{country}\b/; unless $Variable->{TAXCOUNTRY} =~ /\b$Val ues->{country}\b/;
} }
return q{var ch = form.state.value;} return q{var ch = form.state.value;}
[/calc] [/calc]
ch = ch.toUpperCase(); ch = ch.toUpperCase();
[loop list="__TAXAREA__"] [loop list="__TAXAREA__"]
if(ch == "[loop-code]") { if(ch == "[loop-code]") {
alert("You will be charged [currency][fly-tax [loop-code]][/currency ] sales tax\nsince you are shipping to [loop-code]. Click Recalculate to see the amount in your total."); alert("You will be charged [currency][fly-tax [loop-code]][/currency ] sales tax since you are shipping to [loop-code].");
foundState = true; foundState = true;
} }
[/loop] [/loop]
return foundState; return foundState;
} }
</script> </script>
[/if] [/if]
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