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Source code changes of the file "lib/icinga/clusterevents-check.cpp" between
icinga2-2.11.5.tar.gz and icinga2-2.12.0.tar.gz

About: Icinga 2 is an enterprise grade monitoring system which keeps watch over networks and any conceivable network resource.

clusterevents-check.cpp  (icinga2-2.11.5):clusterevents-check.cpp  (icinga2-2.12.0)
skipping to change at line 127 skipping to change at line 127
return; return;
} }
/* use a virtual host object for executing the command */ /* use a virtual host object for executing the command */
Host::Ptr host = new Host(); Host::Ptr host = new Host();
Dictionary::Ptr attrs = new Dictionary(); Dictionary::Ptr attrs = new Dictionary();
attrs->Set("__name", params->Get("host")); attrs->Set("__name", params->Get("host"));
attrs->Set("type", "Host"); attrs->Set("type", "Host");
* Override the check timeout if the parent caller provided the value. Co
mpatible with older versions not
* passing this inside the cluster message.
* This happens with host/service command_endpoint agents and the 'check_
timeout' attribute being specified.
if (params->Contains("check_timeout"))
attrs->Set("check_timeout", params->Get("check_timeout"));
Deserialize(host, attrs, false, FAConfig); Deserialize(host, attrs, false, FAConfig);
if (params->Contains("service")) if (params->Contains("service"))
host->SetExtension("agent_service_name", params->Get("service")); host->SetExtension("agent_service_name", params->Get("service"));
String command = params->Get("command"); String command = params->Get("command");
String command_type = params->Get("command_type"); String command_type = params->Get("command_type");
if (command_type == "check_command") { if (command_type == "check_command") {
if (!CheckCommand::GetByName(command)) { if (!CheckCommand::GetByName(command)) {
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