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Source code changes report for "Hunspell" between the packages
hunspell-1.6.2.tar.gz and hunspell-1.7.0.tar.gz

About: Hunspell is a spell checker and morphological analyzer library and program (code base comes from the OpenOffice.org MySpell).


The "Hunspell" source code changed by about 62.0% and now consists of 642 regular files (-183), 1 symbolic link and 11 directories (-4).

Related Informations:

See NEWS (hunspell 1.7.0).

Changes In Files (According File Type):

File TypeTotalAddedRemovedChanged
Header file 54 1 25 13
C program 36 0 36 0
C++ program 33 0 6 18
Perl program 1 0 0 0
Python program 1 0 1 0
Sed program 2 0 0 0
Shell program 128 1 117 4
Automake file 12 0 1 7
M4 macro file 31 0 22 8
Makefile 1 0 0 0
Man page 7 0 0 2
Pkg-config file 1 0 0 0
Symbolic link 1 0 0 0
Yacc program 1 0 1 0
Doxygen file 1 0 1 0
Gettext file 9 3 0 0
Git file 9 0 1 1
MS Visual Studio file 4 0 0 2
Resource file 2 0 1 1
YAML file 2 0 0 2
Directory 15 0 4 0
Change log 5 0 0 4
Information file 9 0 5 4
License 6 0 1 2
Readme file 4 0 1 1
Text file 507 38 7 40
Other 2 0 0 0
Total Files88443230109

Header Files (39 of 54):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
intl/eval-plural.h removed
intl/export.h removed
intl/gettextP.h removed
intl/gmo.h removed
intl/hash-string.h removed
intl/libgnuintl.in.h removed
intl/loadinfo.h removed
intl/localcharset.h removed
intl/lock.h removed
intl/os2compat.h removed
intl/plural-exp.h removed
intl/printf-args.h removed
intl/printf-parse.h removed
intl/relocatable.h removed
intl/tsearch.h removed
intl/vasnprintf.h removed
intl/vasnwprintf.h removed
intl/verify.h removed
intl/wprintf-parse.h removed
intl/xsize.h removed
msvc/config.h changed 1.0% diff
src/hunspell/affixmgr.hxx changed 0.8% diff
src/hunspell/atypes.hxx changed 11.6% diff
src/hunspell/csutil.hxx changed 6.6% diff
src/hunspell/hashmgr.hxx changed 11.3% diff
src/hunspell/htypes.hxx changed 18.1% diff
src/hunspell/hunvisapi.h changed 5.2% diff
src/hunspell/hunvisapi.h.in changed 5.1% diff
src/hunspell/langnum.hxx changed 1.4% diff
src/hunspell/suggestmgr.hxx changed 5.6% diff
src/hunspell/utf_info.hxx added
src/hunspell2/aff_manager.hxx removed
src/hunspell2/dic_manager.hxx removed
src/hunspell2/dict_finder.hxx removed
src/hunspell2/hunspell.hxx removed
src/hunspell2/string_utils.hxx removed
src/parsers/odfparser.hxx changed 2.6% diff
src/parsers/textparser.hxx changed 1.7% diff
src/parsers/xmlparser.hxx changed 8.5% diff

C Programs (all 36):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
intl/bindtextdom.c removed
intl/dcgettext.c removed
intl/dcigettext.c removed
intl/dcngettext.c removed
intl/dgettext.c removed
intl/dngettext.c removed
intl/explodename.c removed
intl/finddomain.c removed
intl/gettext.c removed
intl/hash-string.c removed
intl/intl-compat.c removed
intl/intl-exports.c removed
intl/l10nflist.c removed
intl/langprefs.c removed
intl/loadmsgcat.c removed
intl/localcharset.c removed
intl/localealias.c removed
intl/localename.c removed
intl/lock.c removed
intl/log.c removed
intl/ngettext.c removed
intl/os2compat.c removed
intl/osdep.c removed
intl/plural-exp.c removed
intl/plural.c removed
intl/printf-args.c removed
intl/printf-parse.c removed
intl/printf.c removed
intl/relocatable.c removed
intl/setlocale.c removed
intl/textdomain.c removed
intl/threadlib.c removed
intl/tsearch.c removed
intl/vasnprintf.c removed
intl/version.c removed
intl/xsize.c removed

C++ Programs (24 of 33):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/hunspell/affentry.cxx changed 0.8% diff
src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx changed 3.8% diff
src/hunspell/csutil.cxx changed 1.6% diff
src/hunspell/hashmgr.cxx changed 25.9% diff
src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx changed 32.5% diff
src/hunspell/hunzip.cxx changed 0.6% diff
src/hunspell/suggestmgr.cxx changed 11.8% diff
src/hunspell/utf_info.cxx removed
src/hunspell2/aff_manager.cxx removed
src/hunspell2/dic_manager.cxx removed
src/hunspell2/dict_finder.cxx removed
src/hunspell2/main.cxx removed
src/parsers/htmlparser.cxx changed 5.1% diff
src/parsers/latexparser.cxx changed 9.6% diff
src/parsers/manparser.cxx changed 0.8% diff
src/parsers/odfparser.cxx changed 16.0% diff
src/parsers/textparser.cxx changed 0.9% diff
src/parsers/xmlparser.cxx changed 21.6% diff
src/tools/analyze.cxx changed 1.0% diff
src/tools/bulkcheck.cxx removed
src/tools/chmorph.cxx changed 10.5% diff
src/tools/example.cxx changed 1.1% diff
src/tools/hunspell.cxx changed 3.8% diff
src/tools/hunzip.cxx changed 1.5% diff

Python Programs (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/tools/optionusage/analyse.py removed

Shell Programs (122 of 128):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
config.rpath changed 0.3% diff
intl/config.charset removed
src/hunspell2/clang-format.sh removed
src/tools/makealias changed 100.0% diff
src/tools/optionusage/download.sh removed
tests/1463589.test removed
tests/1463589_utf.test removed
tests/1592880.test removed
tests/1695964.test removed
tests/1706659.test removed
tests/1975530.test removed
tests/2970240.test removed
tests/2970242.test removed
tests/2999225.test removed
tests/affixes.test removed
tests/alias.test removed
tests/alias2.test removed
tests/alias3.test removed
tests/allcaps.test removed
tests/allcaps2.test removed
tests/allcaps3.test removed
tests/allcaps_utf.test removed
tests/arabic.test removed
tests/base.test removed
tests/base_utf.test removed
tests/break.test removed
tests/breakdefault.test removed
tests/breakoff.test removed
tests/checkcompoundcase.test removed
tests/checkcompoundcase2.test removed
tests/checkcompoundcaseutf.test removed
tests/checkcompounddup.test removed
tests/checkcompoundpattern.test removed
tests/checkcompoundpattern2.test removed
tests/checkcompoundpattern3.test removed
tests/checkcompoundpattern4.test removed
tests/checkcompoundrep.test removed
tests/checkcompoundtriple.test removed
tests/checksharps.test removed
tests/checksharpsutf.test removed
tests/circumfix.test removed
tests/colons_in_words.test removed
tests/complexprefixes.test removed
tests/complexprefixes2.test removed
tests/complexprefixesutf.test removed
tests/compoundaffix.test removed
tests/compoundaffix2.test removed
tests/compoundaffix3.test removed
tests/compoundflag.test removed
tests/compoundrule.test removed
tests/compoundrule2.test removed
tests/compoundrule3.test removed
tests/compoundrule4.test removed
tests/compoundrule5.test removed
tests/compoundrule6.test removed
tests/compoundrule7.test removed
tests/compoundrule8.test removed
tests/condition.test removed
tests/condition_utf.test removed
tests/conditionalprefix.test removed
tests/digits_in_words.test removed
tests/encoding.test removed
tests/flag.test removed
tests/flaglong.test removed
tests/flagnum.test removed
tests/flagutf8.test removed
tests/fogemorpheme.test removed
tests/forbiddenword.test removed
tests/forceucase.test removed
tests/fullstrip.test removed
tests/germancompounding.test removed
tests/germancompoundingold.test removed
tests/hu.test removed
tests/i35725.test removed
tests/i53643.test removed
tests/i54633.test removed
tests/i54980.test removed
tests/i58202.test removed
tests/i68568.test removed
tests/i68568utf.test removed
tests/iconv.test removed
tests/iconv2.test renamed 0.0%
tests/ignore.test removed
tests/ignoreutf.test removed
tests/IJ.test removed
tests/keepcase.test removed
tests/korean.test removed
tests/map.test removed
tests/maputf.test removed
tests/morph.test removed
tests/needaffix.test removed
tests/needaffix2.test removed
tests/needaffix3.test removed
tests/needaffix4.test removed
tests/needaffix5.test removed
tests/nepali.test removed
tests/ngram_utf_fix.test removed
tests/nosuggest.test removed
tests/oconv.test removed
tests/onlyincompound.test removed
tests/onlyincompound2.test removed
tests/opentaal_cpdpat.test removed
tests/opentaal_cpdpat2.test removed
tests/opentaal_forbiddenword1.test removed
tests/opentaal_forbiddenword2.test removed
tests/opentaal_keepcase.test removed
tests/phone.test removed
tests/rep.test removed
tests/reputf.test removed
tests/simplifiedtriple.test removed
tests/slash.test removed
tests/sug.test removed
tests/sugutf.test removed
tests/test.sh changed 73.7% diff
tests/utf8.test removed
tests/utf8_bom.test removed
tests/utf8_bom2.test removed
tests/utf8_nonbmp.test changed 70.1% diff
tests/utfcompound.test removed
tests/warn.test removed
tests/zeroaffix.test removed

Automake Files (8 of 12):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
configure.ac changed 73.7% diff
intl/Makefile.in removed
Makefile.am changed 68.6% diff
po/Makefile.in.in changed 0.2% diff
src/hunspell/Makefile.am changed 100.0% diff
src/parsers/Makefile.am changed 6.8% diff
src/tools/Makefile.am changed 41.9% diff
tests/Makefile.am changed 35.4% diff

M4 Macro Files (30 of 31):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
m4/codeset.m4 removed
m4/fcntl-o.m4 removed
m4/glibc2.m4 removed
m4/glibc21.m4 removed
m4/iconv.m4 changed 0.8% diff
m4/intdiv0.m4 removed
m4/intl.m4 removed
m4/intldir.m4 removed
m4/intlmacosx.m4 removed
m4/intmax.m4 removed
m4/inttypes-pri.m4 removed
m4/inttypes_h.m4 removed
m4/lcmessage.m4 removed
m4/lib-ld.m4 changed 2.0% diff
m4/lib-link.m4 changed 0.2% diff
m4/lib-prefix.m4 changed 0.9% diff
m4/lock.m4 removed
m4/longlong.m4 removed
m4/nls.m4 changed 7.7% diff
m4/po.m4 changed 0.4% diff
m4/printf-posix.m4 removed
m4/progtest.m4 changed 2.5% diff
m4/size_max.m4 removed
m4/stdint_h.m4 removed
m4/threadlib.m4 removed
m4/uintmax_t.m4 removed
m4/visibility.m4 changed 2.2% diff
m4/wchar_t.m4 removed
m4/wint_t.m4 removed
m4/xsize.m4 removed

Man Pages (2 of 7):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
man/hunspell.3 changed 7.9% diff
man/hunspell.5 changed 10.8% diff

Yacc Programs (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
intl/plural.y removed

Doxygen Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
Doxyfile removed

Gettext Files (3 of 9):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
po/ca.po added
po/pl.po added
po/pt_BR.po added

Git Files (2 of 9):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
.gitignore changed 100.0% diff
src/tools/optionusage/.gitignore removed

MS Visual Studio Files (2 of 4):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
msvc/hunspell.vcxproj changed 0.2%
msvc/libhunspell.vcxproj changed 0.4%

Resource Files (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
intl/libintl.rc removed
msvc/Hunspell.rc changed 22.9% diff

YAML Files (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
.travis.yml changed 100.0% diff
appveyor.yml changed 50.4% diff

Directories (4 of 15):

.github removed
intl removed
src/hunspell2 removed
src/tools/optionusage removed

Change Logs (4 of 5):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
ChangeLog changed 0.1% diff
m4/ChangeLog changed 22.1% diff
NEWS changed 23.9% diff
po/ChangeLog changed 100.0% diff

Information Files (all 9):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
ABOUT-NLS changed 38.4% diff
AUTHORS changed 100.0% diff
BUGS removed
HACKING removed
INSTALL removed
intl/VERSION removed
po/LINGUAS changed 28.9% diff
THANKS changed 100.0% diff
TODO removed

Licenses (3 of 6):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
COPYING changed 95.7% diff
COPYING.LESSER changed 100.0% diff
intl/COPYING.LIB removed

Readme Files (2 of 4):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
README.md changed 100.0% diff
README.myspell removed

Text Files (85 of 507):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md removed
AUTHORS.myspell removed
intl/locale.alias removed
intl/ref-add.sin removed
intl/ref-del.sin removed
src/hunspell2/.clang-format removed
src/tools/optionusage/option-usage.md removed
tests/1463589.aff changed 7.9% diff
tests/1463589.sug changed 100.0% diff
tests/1463589.wrong changed 24.2% diff
tests/1463589_utf.aff changed 6.3% diff
tests/base_utf.dic changed 3.4% diff
tests/base_utf.good changed 23.4% diff
tests/base_utf.sug changed 12.3% diff
tests/base_utf.wrong changed 18.3% diff
tests/break.aff changed 15.8% diff
tests/break.dic changed 100.0% diff
tests/break.good changed 100.0% diff
tests/break.wrong changed 7.4% diff
tests/checkcompoundcase2.good changed 100.0% diff
tests/checkcompoundcase2.wrong changed 100.0% diff
tests/checkcompoundpattern.good changed 100.0% diff
tests/checkcompoundpattern.wrong changed 100.0% diff
tests/checkcompoundrep.aff changed 27.8% diff
tests/checkcompoundrep.good changed 70.6% diff
tests/checkcompoundrep.wrong changed 100.0% diff
tests/checksharps.good changed 68.5% diff
tests/checksharps.sug changed 100.0% diff
tests/checksharps.wrong changed 100.0% diff
tests/compoundforbid.aff added
tests/compoundforbid.dic added
tests/compoundforbid.good added
tests/compoundforbid.wrong added
tests/condition.good changed 10.0% diff
tests/dotless_i.aff added
tests/dotless_i.dic added
tests/dotless_i.good added
tests/dotless_i.wrong added
tests/encoding.good changed 100.0% diff
tests/hu.aff changed 100.0% diff
tests/hu.dic changed 76.2% diff
tests/hu.good changed 100.0% diff
tests/hu.wrong changed 26.1% diff
tests/i54633.good changed 100.0% diff
tests/i54633.sug changed 100.0% diff
tests/i54980.good changed 100.0% diff
tests/ignoresug.aff added
tests/ignoresug.dic added
tests/ignoresug.good added
tests/ignoresug.morph added
tests/keepcase.sug changed 31.6% diff
tests/map.sug changed 100.0% diff
tests/oconv.aff changed 100.0% diff
tests/oconv2.aff added
tests/oconv2.dic added
tests/oconv2.good added
tests/oconv2.morph added
tests/oconv2.root added
tests/opentaal_keepcase.sug changed 15.6% diff
tests/ph.aff added
tests/ph.dic added
tests/ph.sug added
tests/ph.wrong added
tests/ph2.aff added
tests/ph2.dic added
tests/ph2.good added
tests/ph2.sug added
tests/ph2.wrong added
tests/rep.wrong changed 13.6% diff
tests/sug.aff changed 65.6% diff
tests/sug.dic changed 63.2% diff
tests/sug.sug changed 19.4% diff
tests/sug.wrong changed 45.6% diff
tests/sug2.aff added
tests/sug2.dic added
tests/sug2.sug added
tests/sug2.wrong added
tests/timelimit.aff added
tests/timelimit.dic added
tests/timelimit.good added
tests/timelimit.wrong added
tests/wordpair.aff added
tests/wordpair.dic added
tests/wordpair.good added
tests/wordpair.wrong added

Packages Compared:


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