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Source code changes of the file "resources/resource_transformers/js/options_test.go" between
hugo-0.80.0.tar.gz and hugo-0.81.0.tar.gz

About: Hugo is a static site generator that takes a source directory of Markdown files and templates and uses these as input to create a complete website (written in Go).

options_test.go  (hugo-0.80.0):options_test.go  (hugo-0.81.0)
skipping to change at line 112 skipping to change at line 112
Target: api.ES2018, Target: api.ES2018,
Format: api.FormatCommonJS, Format: api.FormatCommonJS,
MinifyIdentifiers: true, MinifyIdentifiers: true,
MinifySyntax: true, MinifySyntax: true,
MinifyWhitespace: true, MinifyWhitespace: true,
Sourcemap: api.SourceMapInline, Sourcemap: api.SourceMapInline,
Stdin: &api.StdinOptions{ Stdin: &api.StdinOptions{
Loader: api.LoaderJS, Loader: api.LoaderJS,
}, },
}) })
opts, err = toBuildOptions(Options{
Target: "es2018", Format: "cjs", Minify: true, mediaType: media.J
SourceMap: "external",
c.Assert(err, qt.IsNil)
c.Assert(opts, qt.DeepEquals, api.BuildOptions{
Bundle: true,
Target: api.ES2018,
Format: api.FormatCommonJS,
MinifyIdentifiers: true,
MinifySyntax: true,
MinifyWhitespace: true,
Sourcemap: api.SourceMapExternal,
Stdin: &api.StdinOptions{
Loader: api.LoaderJS,
} }
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 19 lines changed or added

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