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About: HTTPie is a command line HTTP client, a user-friendly cURL replacement, with the goal to make CLI interaction with web services as human-friendly as possible.

Makefile  (httpie-3.0.0):Makefile  (httpie-3.0.1)
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docs/packaging/brew/brew-deps.py docs/packaging/brew/brew-deps.py
brew-test: brew-test:
@echo $(H1)Uninstalling httpie$(H1END) @echo $(H1)Uninstalling httpie$(H1END)
- brew uninstall httpie - brew uninstall httpie
@echo $(H1)Building from source…$(H1END) @echo $(H1)Building from source…$(H1END)
- brew install --build-from-source ./docs/packaging/brew/httpie.rb - brew install --build-from-source ./docs/packaging/brew/httpie.rb
@echo $(H1)Verifying…$(H1END) @echo $(H1)Verifying…$(H1END)
brew test httpie http --version
https --version
@echo $(H1)Auditing…$(H1END) @echo $(H1)Auditing…$(H1END)
brew audit --strict httpie brew audit --strict httpie
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