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Source code changes of the file "httpclient/src/main/java/org/apache/http/impl/execchain/MainClientExec.java" between
httpcomponents-client-4.5.7-src.tar.gz and httpcomponents-client-4.5.8-src.tar.gz

About: HttpComponents is an Apache project responsible for creating and maintaining a toolset of low level Java components focused on HTTP and associated protocols. Java sources.

MainClientExec.java  (httpcomponents-client-4.5.7-src):MainClientExec.java  (httpcomponents-client-4.5.8-src)
skipping to change at line 407 skipping to change at line 407
context); context);
tracker.connectTarget(route.isSecure()); tracker.connectTarget(route.isSecure());
break; break;
case HttpRouteDirector.CONNECT_PROXY: case HttpRouteDirector.CONNECT_PROXY:
this.connManager.connect( this.connManager.connect(
managedConn, managedConn,
route, route,
timeout > 0 ? timeout : 0, timeout > 0 ? timeout : 0,
context); context);
final HttpHost proxy = route.getProxyHost(); final HttpHost proxy = route.getProxyHost();
tracker.connectProxy(proxy, false); tracker.connectProxy(proxy, route.isSecure() && !route.isTunnell ed());
break; break;
case HttpRouteDirector.TUNNEL_TARGET: { case HttpRouteDirector.TUNNEL_TARGET: {
final boolean secure = createTunnelToTarget( final boolean secure = createTunnelToTarget(
proxyAuthState, managedConn, route, request, context); proxyAuthState, managedConn, route, request, context);
this.log.debug("Tunnel to target created."); this.log.debug("Tunnel to target created.");
tracker.tunnelTarget(secure); tracker.tunnelTarget(secure);
} break; } break;
case HttpRouteDirector.TUNNEL_PROXY: { case HttpRouteDirector.TUNNEL_PROXY: {
// The most simple example for this case is a proxy chain // The most simple example for this case is a proxy chain
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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