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Source code changes of the file "htmldoc/http-support.c" between
htmldoc-1.9.14-source.tar.gz and htmldoc-1.9.15-source.tar.gz

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http-support.c  (htmldoc-1.9.14-source):http-support.c  (htmldoc-1.9.15-source)
skipping to change at line 1720 skipping to change at line 1720
{ {
char scheme[32], /* URI components... */ char scheme[32], /* URI components... */
userpass[256], userpass[256],
hostname[1024], hostname[1024],
resource[1024]; resource[1024];
int port; int port;
#ifdef DEBUG #ifdef DEBUG
http_uri_status_t status; /* URI decode status */ http_uri_status_t status; /* URI decode status */
#endif /* DEBUG */ #endif /* DEBUG */
DEBUG_printf(("_httpResolveURI(uri=\"%s\", resolved_uri=%p, resolved_size=" CU PS_LLFMT ", options=0x%x, cb=%p, context=%p)", uri, (void *)resolved_uri, CUPS_L LCAST resolved_size, options, (void *)cb, context)); DEBUG_printf(("_httpResolveURI(uri=\"%s\", resolved_uri=%p, resolved_size=" HT MLDOC_LLFMT ", options=0x%x, cb=%p, context=%p)", uri, (void *)resolved_uri, HTM LDOC_LLCAST resolved_size, options, (void *)cb, context));
/* /*
* Get the device URI... * Get the device URI...
*/ */
#ifdef DEBUG #ifdef DEBUG
if ((status = httpSeparateURI(HTTP_URI_CODING_ALL, uri, scheme, if ((status = httpSeparateURI(HTTP_URI_CODING_ALL, uri, scheme,
sizeof(scheme), userpass, sizeof(userpass), sizeof(scheme), userpass, sizeof(userpass),
hostname, sizeof(hostname), &port, resource, hostname, sizeof(hostname), &port, resource,
sizeof(resource))) < HTTP_URI_STATUS_OK) sizeof(resource))) < HTTP_URI_STATUS_OK)
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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