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Source code changes of the file "sample-cli-config-file.conf" between
html-minifier-3.6.0.tar.gz and html-minifier-4.0.0.tar.gz

About: html-minifier is a configurable Javascript-based HTML compressor/minifier (with Node.js support).

sample-cli-config-file.conf  (html-minifier-3.6.0):sample-cli-config-file.conf  (html-minifier-4.0.0)
{ {
"caseSensitive": false, "caseSensitive": false,
"collapseBooleanAttributes": true, "collapseBooleanAttributes": true,
"collapseInlineTagWhitespace": false, "collapseInlineTagWhitespace": false,
"collapseWhitespace": true, "collapseWhitespace": true,
"conservativeCollapse": false, "conservativeCollapse": false,
"continueOnParseError": true,
"customAttrCollapse": ".*", "customAttrCollapse": ".*",
"decodeEntities": true, "decodeEntities": true,
"html5": true, "html5": true,
"ignoreCustomFragments": [ "ignoreCustomFragments": [
"<#[\\s\\S]*?#>", "<#[\\s\\S]*?#>",
"<%[\\s\\S]*?%>", "<%[\\s\\S]*?%>",
"<\\?[\\s\\S]*?\\?>" "<\\?[\\s\\S]*?\\?>"
], ],
"includeAutoGeneratedTags": false, "includeAutoGeneratedTags": false,
"keepClosingSlash": false, "keepClosingSlash": false,
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