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About: OpenStack Horizon (Optional Service: Dashboard) provides a web-based self-service portal to interact with underlying OpenStack services, such as launching an instance, assigning IP addresses and configuring access controls.
The "Victoria" series (maintained release).

AUTHORS  (horizon-18.6.3):AUTHORS  (horizon-18.6.4)
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termie <github@anarkystic.com> termie <github@anarkystic.com>
tianliang <tianliang@awcloud.com> tianliang <tianliang@awcloud.com>
tintmy <tangmeiyan77@gmail.com> tintmy <tangmeiyan77@gmail.com>
tinytmy <tangmeiyan77@gmail.com> tinytmy <tangmeiyan77@gmail.com>
tonybrad <zhangyuan1@chinaunicom.cn> tonybrad <zhangyuan1@chinaunicom.cn>
tstappae <tom.stappaerts@nokia.com> tstappae <tom.stappaerts@nokia.com>
utsav dusad <utsavdusad@gmail.com> utsav dusad <utsavdusad@gmail.com>
utsavdusad <utsavdusad@gmail.com> utsavdusad <utsavdusad@gmail.com>
veena <mveenasl@gmail.com> veena <mveenasl@gmail.com>
venkatamahesh <venkatamaheshkotha@gmail.com> venkatamahesh <venkatamaheshkotha@gmail.com>
vinay_m <vinay.harsha@tcs.com>
vmarkov <vmarkov@mirantis.com> vmarkov <vmarkov@mirantis.com>
wangbo <wangbo_bupt@163.com> wangbo <wangbo_bupt@163.com>
wangliangyu <wangliangyu@gohighsec.com> wangliangyu <wangliangyu@gohighsec.com>
wei.ying <wei.ying@easystack.cn> wei.ying <wei.ying@easystack.cn>
whg <whg@hp.com> whg <whg@hp.com>
wondernath <panneer.smn@outlook.com> wondernath <panneer.smn@outlook.com>
woodm1979 <matt.wood@hp.com> woodm1979 <matt.wood@hp.com>
woodm1979 <woodm1979@gmail.com> woodm1979 <woodm1979@gmail.com>
xiaozhuangqing <zhuangqing.xiao@easystack.cn> xiaozhuangqing <zhuangqing.xiao@easystack.cn>
xiexs <xiexs@cn.fujitsu.com> xiexs <xiexs@cn.fujitsu.com>
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