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Source code changes of the file "openstack_dashboard/dashboards/project/instances/tabs.py" between
horizon-18.6.2.tar.gz and horizon-18.6.3.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Horizon (Optional Service: Dashboard) provides a web-based self-service portal to interact with underlying OpenStack services, such as launching an instance, assigning IP addresses and configuring access controls.
The "Victoria" series (maintained release).

tabs.py  (horizon-18.6.2):tabs.py  (horizon-18.6.3)
skipping to change at line 42 skipping to change at line 42
slug = "overview" slug = "overview"
template_name = ("project/instances/" template_name = ("project/instances/"
"_detail_overview.html") "_detail_overview.html")
def get_context_data(self, request): def get_context_data(self, request):
instance = self.tab_group.kwargs['instance'] instance = self.tab_group.kwargs['instance']
if instance.volumes and not instance.image: if instance.volumes and not instance.image:
try: try:
volume = api.cinder.volume_get( volume = api.cinder.volume_get(
self.request, volume_id=instance.volumes[0].volumeId) self.request, volume_id=instance.volumes[0].volumeId)
instance.image = {
'id': volume.volume_image_metadata['image_id'],
'name': volume.volume_image_metadata['image_name']}
except Exception: except Exception:
exceptions.handle(self.request, exceptions.handle(self.request,
_('Failed to get attached volume.')) _('Failed to get attached volume.'))
instance.image = {
'id': volume.volume_image_metadata['image_id'],
'name': volume.volume_image_metadata['image_name'],
except (AttributeError, KeyError):
# AttributeError is raised when volume_image_metadata does not
# exist. KeyError is raised when volume_image_metadata exists
# but image_id or image_name is not included.
instance.image = None
return {"instance": instance} return {"instance": instance}
class InterfacesTab(tabs.TableTab): class InterfacesTab(tabs.TableTab):
name = _("Interfaces") name = _("Interfaces")
slug = "interfaces" slug = "interfaces"
table_classes = (interfaces_tables.InterfacesTable, ) table_classes = (interfaces_tables.InterfacesTable, )
template_name = "horizon/common/_detail_table.html" template_name = "horizon/common/_detail_table.html"
preload = False preload = False
def get_interfaces_data(self): def get_interfaces_data(self):
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
3 lines changed or deleted 10 lines changed or added

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