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About: OpenStack Horizon (Optional Service: Dashboard) provides a web-based self-service portal to interact with underlying OpenStack services, such as launching an instance, assigning IP addresses and configuring access controls.
The "Victoria" series (maintained release).

AUTHORS  (horizon-18.6.2):AUTHORS  (horizon-18.6.3)
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Marc Methot <mb.methot@gmail.com> Marc Methot <mb.methot@gmail.com>
Marcellin Fom Tchassem <mf6510@att.com> Marcellin Fom Tchassem <mf6510@att.com>
Marcin Karkocha <marcin.karkocha@intel.com> Marcin Karkocha <marcin.karkocha@intel.com>
Marcos Fermin Lobo <marcos.fermin.lobo@cern.ch> Marcos Fermin Lobo <marcos.fermin.lobo@cern.ch>
Marcos Lobo <marcos.fermin.lobo@cern.ch> Marcos Lobo <marcos.fermin.lobo@cern.ch>
Marcus Furlong <furlongm@gmail.com> Marcus Furlong <furlongm@gmail.com>
Marek <marek.lycka@ultimum.io> Marek <marek.lycka@ultimum.io>
Marek Lycka <marek.lycka@ultimum.io> Marek Lycka <marek.lycka@ultimum.io>
Marianne Linhares <mariannelinharesm@gmail.com> Marianne Linhares <mariannelinharesm@gmail.com>
Mark Gius <launchpad@markgius.com> Mark Gius <launchpad@markgius.com>
Mark Goddard <mark@stackhpc.com>
Mark McClain <mark.mcclain@dreamhost.com> Mark McClain <mark.mcclain@dreamhost.com>
Mark McLoughlin <markmc@redhat.com> Mark McLoughlin <markmc@redhat.com>
Mark Mielke <mark.mielke@gmail.com> Mark Mielke <mark.mielke@gmail.com>
Mark Vanderwiel <vanderwl@us.ibm.com> Mark Vanderwiel <vanderwl@us.ibm.com>
Martin Hickey <martin.hickey@ie.ibm.com> Martin Hickey <martin.hickey@ie.ibm.com>
Martin Kletzander <mkletzan@redhat.com> Martin Kletzander <mkletzan@redhat.com>
Martin Pavlasek <mpavlase@redhat.com> Martin Pavlasek <mpavlase@redhat.com>
Masahito Muroi <muroi.masahito@lab.ntt.co.jp> Masahito Muroi <muroi.masahito@lab.ntt.co.jp>
Masaki Matsushita <glass.saga@gmail.com> Masaki Matsushita <glass.saga@gmail.com>
Masco Kaliyamoorthy <masco.kaliyamoorthy@enovance.com> Masco Kaliyamoorthy <masco.kaliyamoorthy@enovance.com>
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